Don’t you just hate it when your big scoop turns out to be FAKE news?

As we are all by now very much aware our New Zealand media are on the hunt for the hard to find, reclusive, tattooed, rare and endangered white Kiwi supremacist.

Whaleoil writer John Black went on a hunt for one back in April when he heard tales of them lurking at Auckland University, but he could find no sign.

As somebody once said, You should try everything once except incest and Morris dancing. (Who exactly said that we are unsure but when you reflect on how they knew to steer clear of the first of these, it’s probably for the best that they retain their anonymity). So when a chance arises not three kilometres from your place of residence to catch a glimpse of a creature of near mythic reputation, previously thought to be long extinct, you take it. I write of course of the sudden sighting of the fabled, extremely rare white supremacist within the bounds of our own Auckland University […]

John Black

On the hunt for the reclusive, tattooed, rare and endangered white Kiwi supremacist.

Stuff, however, thought that they had succeeded where John Black had failed and they couldn’t get the story out about the dodgy dude at Auckland University published fast enough. No doubt they were so excited at the possibility that an actual white kiwi supremacist had FINALLY been located and even better, it appeared to be a gun story as well! quote.

This story is unavailable

20:13, May 14 2019

The story ” Man who had guns seized after Christchurch shooting running for Auckland Uni Students’ Association president” has been removed as it did not meet our editorial standards. end quote.


Quite frankly I am amazed. I didn’t realise that Stuff had standards.

The Vice-chancellor of Auckland University was on Sean Plunket’s show yesterday afternoon. He wasn’t at all happy with media reporting that there was a white supremacist movement at Auckland University. He was particularly cross with Radio New Zealand’s coverage.