Douglas Murray is guilty… of pointing out facts

Douglas Murray

In the wake of the Christchurch massacre, shameless opportunists have gleefully scrambled to use the innocent slain as whipping boys for their political agendas, from Orwellian clampdowns on free speech to marginalising and silencing their political opponents.

The same left who strenuously – and rightfully – object to being lumped in with Nazism just because the Nazis espoused similar environmentalist and animal rights arguments as the modern left, have no compunction in using exactly the same fallacious logic to damn their opponents. The Islamophile left are especially keen to weaponise Christchurch against anyone who dares even mildly criticise Islam. quote.

After all, many factual observations made by Murray about Muslim immigration, terrorist attacks and native European birthrates can also be found in the manifesto released by the New Zealand attacker…[But] Murray has never conducted—or called for—a massacre of peaceful worshippers in mosques…any similarities are outweighed by such glaring differences. end quote.

The is-ought distinction is one of the most enduring rules in philosophy. 400 years ago, David Hume showed that saying what is does not dictate what anyone ought to do. quote.

Murray’s critics fail to appreciate the difference between is and ought…it seems to fly right over the heads of many social critics, who are often convinced that any two people who agree on what is happening must also agree on what should follow. In other words, just because you think it’s a problem that Muslims are statistically overrepresented as perpetrators of religious extremist violence globally does not mean you want to grab an assault rifle and conduct an atrocity in their local place of worship. end quote.

Douglas Murray has never advocated violence against Muslims. All he has done is point out the facts. There is no logical connection between Douglas Murray and Brenton Tarrant. Worse, the people who illogically burden Murray with collective guilt utterly refuse to apply their own argument to Muslims themselves. quote.

For instance, although much is shared between the judicial systems of Saudi Arabia and ISIS, both of which derive their legal principles from identical religious precepts and interpretations, it would seem bigoted and insane to call for the eradication of Saudi Arabia, as we do for ISIS. Similarly, Murray’s most furious critics, who condemn him for sharing a platform with controversial figures, have often resisted charges of collective guilt against British Muslims attending mosques which count extremist killers among their alumni…end quote.

These disgusting opportunists are hypocrites beyond compare. Despite all their blatherskite about “compassion” and “combating hate”, their agenda cannot be disguised as anything but a naked grab for power. Worse, contrary to their “high-minded” ideals, their clumsy and illogical actions will do more to increase the likelihood of similar attacks. quote.

A society in which moderate critics of migration are deplatformed, ostracized and politically assassinated is one in which avenues for peaceful resolution are closed off and radical action becomes a first resort. Tarrant would be delighted to see figures like Douglas Murray, Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson become politically obscure, since this would leave his radical faction the only participant left standing in the market for solutions. end quote.

The same self-righteous ninnies who blither about not letting Islamic terrorists win are dangerously determined to do the bidding of terrorists, if they’re white. quote.

Letting the terrorists win ought not to be an acceptable solution…Instead, we see a backlash against white Australians and an attempt to silence and deplatform the very thinkers who promote alternatives to the killer’s terrible solutions. With western societies as divided as they are, it seems not only illogical, but truly dangerous for us to keep responding in this way. end quote.