Face of the day

Today’s face of the day Rebecca Robertson was told she could not breastfeed while sitting in the shallows of a Wellington City Council pool because it breached the food and beverage policy.

I breastfed both my children long term and I was a member of La Leche League when I lived in Wellington ( In fact I almost completed the training to become a La Leche League consultant before moving unexpectedly to Australia). I, therefore, feel completely qualified to call the staff at the pool completely ignorant.

Breastfeeding has zero risk of spillage and contamination of the swimming pool. The only risk I can see is that the baby might get a mouthful of chlorine contaminated breast but I highly doubt that the Mum would have allowed her top half to get wet.

What I suspect is much more likely is that the staff member felt uncomfortable seeing a 20 month old being breastfeed as our society has been conditioned to think that breastfeeding is only for newborn babies and that toddlers should be bottle fed. I suspect that the contamination story was just an excuse to remove the Mother and her child from the pool and public view.

Breastmilk in breach of ‘food and beverage’ policy at Wellington City Council pools