Folau is just another symptom of Christianity under siege

Cartoon credit: BoomSlang

The Easter terror attacks in Sri Lanka brought home harder than ever the violent global war being waged against Christianity. But not all persecution is done at the end of a gun or suicide belt. Persecution by bullying plutocrats and social media fanatics is far more insidious. Quote:

All around the world, Christians are persecuted for their faith. Their houses of worship are destroyed. Their Bible is banned or revised beyond recognition. Their right to exercise religious freedom is denied. In the most publicised cases, they are imprisoned or murdered for their faith.

But in the West, the common forms of Christian persecution are cultural and financial.

There are boycotts against Christian businesses, violent protests against Christian groups and a developing culture of complacency about hostility to Christian figureheads. Israel Folau is a test case for the tolerance of discrimination against Christians in Australia.

For the second time in a year, Folau is under threat for sharing biblical verses…In the article for Players Voice, he added that he had been guilty of some of the sins outlined in the passage [1 Corinthians 6: 9-10]. His intention was to save people from sin by urging them to repent.

If this week’s meeting between Rugby Australia and Folau unfolds as expected, he will lose his job. To my knowledge, there is no equivalent case of an employer firing a worker for quoting the Koran, the Torah or The Communist Manifesto on social media. Christians, it seems, are the PC establishment’s favourite prey. End of quote.

Despite their endless gibbering about “corporations!”, the fact is that the left are perfectly happy to let our democracy degenerate into a plutocracy. Just so long as the corporate overlords are imposing the same priggish conformism the left demands. Quote:

There are many extraordinary aspects of the case against Folau. The first is that he could lose his job for quoting the Bible. The second is corporate heavyweights imposing a PC cultural order on Australian sport. But the single most absurd claim in the controversy is that sharing an excerpt from the world’s highest selling book constitutes discrimination.

…Any citizen of a free country should defend freedom of speech and religion. As such, we are free to disagree with both Rugby Australia and Folau…but corporate Australia is turning its back on free speech. Big business is Big Brother.

The battle between Australia’s sporting codes and Israel Folau looks increasingly like cashed-up bullies hunting a Christian… End of quote.


One of the biggest bullies on the block is Qantas. Quote:

Qantas has quietly purged several Australian religious leaders from its Chairman’s Lounge as part of a drive to create efficiencies and reward the biggest spenders on the airline.

The Australian understands religious leaders across faiths have received letters removing them from the exclusive list over the past several years. End of quote.


“Across faiths”, yet the only faiths mentioned are different varieties of Christianity.

For their first two or three centuries, Christians were forced to worship in secret. After two thousand years, it looks like they’re being forced back underground. Social media is the new Colosseum.

The inquisitorial vindictiveness of the plutocrats and their social media apparatchiks is only matched by their hypocrisy. Qantas ruthlessly peddles its rainbow agenda at the same that it strikes cosy business deals with brutally homophobic Islamic regimes. And for all their talk of “inclusiveness”, the real game of “progressives” is excluding anyone who doesn’t conform to their vicious dogmas. Quote:

If our rugby codes are a paragon of inclusivity, the leaders should respect the principle of non-discrimination universally. End of quote.

Which, of course, they don’t and won’t. Quote:

While Islamist and communist regimes remain the worst state offenders for the persecution of Christians, creeping Christophobia is taking root in the West. Folau is widely recognised as one of Australia’s finest rugby players. But merit is not enough to protect him from the unofficial charge of heresy in a time when political correctness is law and social order. End of quote.