Gossip from the conference

The National party had their Auckland Regional conference this weekend. Quite a bit of gossip flowed through to the tipline overnight, which is unusual in and of itself.

The stand out comments were about the tone-deaf and equally nasty comments by New Zealand’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry. During the boozy evening, she was heard multiple times stupidly laughing about people feeling bullied. She obviously feels nice and safe after parliament’s bullying report was released. Word is she shouldn’t.

Paula Bennett‘s little Filipino henchman, Paolo Garcia was loudly skiting that he’s signed up 200 new members in Botany and claiming that he was going to take the National party selection by a long way. Peter Goodfellow and Andrew Hunt would have wrinkled their nose at that since they are lining up Christopher Luxon to parachute in from his Air New Zealand job as he flies in over the electorate. Katrina Bungard is likely miffed about that too.

Denise Lee spent the evening proving to many that she is not all sweetness and light, and is in actuality a back-biting, nasty spiteful woman and thick to boot.

Last but not least was so-called leadership aspirant Amy Adams being busted for a fake speech by Richard Harman.