Greens tolerate everything but Jews

Australia’s first female Muslim Senator, Mehreen Faruqi

I was recently told by an earnest Greens voter that “they’re not extremists, like the media make them out to be”. Perhaps I’m just some kind of hatey ol’ far-right-winger, but many of the Greens’ policies and causes seem pretty extreme. More importantly, all me a quibbler, but surely anti-Semitism is definitely “extremist”?

Naturally, my Greens-voting pal insisted that the Greens arent anti-Semitic. But for not-anti-Semites, the Greens sure seem to have a bug up their backsides about Jews.

With all the excitement about Australia being in the Eurovision grand final, it’s worth recalling that last May Lee Rhiannon, a Greens senator at the time, pressured then SBS managing director Michael Ebeid to drop its broadcast because it would be held in Tel Aviv…Rhiannon’s replacement in the Senate, Mehreen Faruqi, has spent her first few months in federal parliament appearing at events hosted by Palestine Action Group Sydney.

Like most BDS supporters, the Greens hypocritically insist that attacking Israel isn’t anti-Semitism. While it’s true that it’s perfectly valid to criticise the policies and actions of a nation, the facts of the whole BDS movement leave the “Israel-not-Jews” narrative in tatters. Not only do its supporters regularly resort to ugly, anti-Jewish rhetoric, and venerate anti-Semitic terrorists, but the single-minded obsession with attacking Israel raise questions about just how much its supporters really are committed to “human rights”.

When it comes to human rights violations, Israel is surrounded by some of the world’s worst human rights violaters. Hamas-run Palestine is guilty of shocking human rights violations against its own population. Yet BDS supporters ignore all those and instead attack the Jewish state with single-minded ferocity.

Excuse me for not buying the “nothing-to-do-with-Jews” excuses. quote.

Many Greens politicians and activists openly support BDS. This disingenuous shell game has allowed the Greens to portray themselves as environmentalists and social justice crusaders while providing a safe space for obsessive Israel-haters […]

In the eyes of your local Greens candidate, support for Israel could lead to your complete political disenfranchisement […]

In 2015 Greens leader Richard Di Natale recognised Israel as a Jewish state, only to walk back that recognition shortly afterwards, and tactlessly used a condolence motion in the Senate to bash former Israeli president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shimon Peres.

In 2017…the federal Greens refused to condemn the NSW Young Greens after they announced their official policy to boycott Jewish students. end quote.

The excuse that “it’s just some of their followers who are extremists, not the Greens party” doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, either. quote.

The record has shown that virulent animus towards Israel — venturing far beyond the confines of official party policy — is not something limited to a single politician, candidate or state branch. It is pervasive among Greens because activists know the party will not censure them. end quote.

The facts are that, if the Greens really were determined to promote human rights, they’d be supporting Israel, not the movement that advocates the extinction of the Jewish state. quote.

Yet not only is the Greens’ one-sided policy against Israel out of step with Australian interests, it contradicts the party’s platform when it comes to the environment, LGBTQ and gender equality issues, anti-Islamophobia, religious tolerance, democratic freedom and indigenous rights.

On these and other progressive issues, especially compared with its regional neighbours, Israel stands alone as a beacon of liberal values the Greens claim to hold so dear.

theaustralian end quote.

The Greens would surely love Israel, if it weren’t for all those Jews there.