Heralding hypocrisy

Was it only Wednesday when the media were parading their piety with their anti competitive cartel agreement to not report all the facts from the Brendon Tarrant trial?

Was not Shayne Currie (NZME, aka NZ Herald) one of the five major New Zealand media company signatories of this collective agreement or arrangement or understanding which contains a provision that is likely to have the effect of suppressing competition in the media marketplace of New Zealand? (See clause 27 Commerce Act 1986)

Their high and mighty declared purpose was, inter alia:

  • We shall, to the extent that is compatible with the principles of open justice, limit any coverage of statements, that actively champion white supremacist or terrorist ideology
  • We will not broadcast or report on any message, imagery, symbols or signals (including hand signals) made by the accused or his associates promoting or supporting white supremacist ideology.

Nek minit

The Friday paper has a headling linking “mosque accused” (we can assume that is code for Brendon Tarrant) and “supremacist”. Quote.

Supremacist group tried to recruit mosque accused end of quote

The article went on to assert (without any facts or proof) that Tarrant was “known” within the Australian white nationalist community.

It is a curious thing that many want to be famous by association. ISIS claim responsibility for all manner of atrocities whether or not they were actually involved. Here we have another loser bunch of cretins claiming that they knew Tarrant. “He [the leader of the group] tried to recruit him [Tarrant].”

“The specific correspondence I had with him was that he [Tarrant] didn’t want to be a member [of a white nationalist (aka supremacist) group].”

The article rather shoots (pardon) down the impact of the headline but, hey, never mind, people only read headlines and they now have the impression that Tarrant is linked with a white supremacist group.

The high and mighty, holier that thou Herald is not going to “report on any messages made by his associates promoting or supporting white supremacist ideology.”

Oh no, just a whole article from a white nationalist in Australia who is claiming to be an associate.

Journalistic integrity anyone?