Hobson’s Pledge is racist and here’s the proof

Hobson’s pledge, “He iwi tahi tatou” – “we are now one people”

A Maori organisation claims the Hobson’s Pledge group is inciting racism and violence. They provide ample detailed proof.

According to the NZ Maori Council executive director Matthew Tukaki the council has asked the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to investigate the group because “no one’s called them out”.

In an article in Stuff, Tukaki laid out the detailed evidence of the Hobson’s Pledge racism and violence and said he hoped the Human Rights Commission would censure the group as “they should be held to account”. The evidence included:

  • “They’ve been given a significant amount of latitude.”
  • The “accumulation” of Hobson’s Pledge’s behaviour and statements.
  • Hobson’s Pledge was “nothing more than a divisive group of haters who would do nothing more than send us all back to the dark ages”.
  • “They may wear suits and drive around in late model expensive European cars.”
  • “They are nothing more than a gang of misfits that seek to incite hate and divide the country.”
  • “They’re creating an environment…in which hate is breeding and not just breeding but duplicating and replicating.”
  • Comments Hobson’s Pledge leaders had made in public constituted “incitement to both violence and racism, hate and the segregation of New Zealand society”.

As you can see, the detail of those accusations, given the times and places of the reported incidents of incitement to violence and racism is truly shocking.

Clearly, there is no place in polite society for such hatred. Driving late model expensive European cars, for crying out loud!

Given the clear and obvious evidence provided in the interview by Tukaki, it was surprising that Hobson’s Pledge took umbrage with these detailed statements. Quote.

Hobsons’ Pledge spokesman Don Brash said claims of racism were “absolutely outrageously stupid” and he was taking legal advice.

“It’s a serious accusation … not only of racism, but also of advocating violence.”

Brash said the “name-calling” showed the Maori Council was a shadow of its former self.

“I’m deeply saddened that the Maori Council, which used to be a group of eminent and respected people, should descend to this kind of silly name-calling.

“I have a four-year-old Korean Hyundai, for the sake of the record.”

Brash said if the HRC censured Hobson’s Pledge it would prove the Commission “has absolutely lost its marbles”.

“We’re in favour of a single standard of citizenship for all.” End quote.


Why do journalists give these people a free pass? Where are the probing questions for Tukaki? Why did Senior Reporter John Weekes not ask for details on the claims and accusations? Where is the balance here?