I think that’s a hint Simon

come with me please GIF by La Voix

In a recent Interview where Michelle Boag defended Simon Bridges’ leadership and condemned and rubbished Judith Collins’ chances of becoming the new leader, she made a statement that a reasonable person could see as a hint to Simon Bridges. quote.

I think Simon Bridges needs better advice. I think he’s a young leader, he hasn’t got enough experience about how to lead people, he has got a team around him who don’t have decades of strategy experience. end quote.

Michelle Boag is in the business of PR. Her statement sounds like she is either touting for business or wanting the job as Simon Bridges’ Chief of staff.

I think that she would love the chance to apply her “poo finger” to Simon Bridges’s leadership. Simon should ask Peter Leitch how that worked out for him.

Weekend Herald cartoon on Michelle Boag and Peter Leitch and the Waiheke Island ‘White island’ fiasco. Rod Emmerson 07/01/16

Cam has always said that Boag has “the reverse Midas touch” and that she is like chemotherapy where the cure is worse than the disease it is supposed to be curing. With the compromised immune system of Simon Bridges’ current leadership, he is unlikely to survive a cure like that.