Inept journalism prevents us from learning anything

By John

Tuesday’s Face of the Day, Patrick Gower, had me returning to listen to the interview with Southern and Molyneux. It is an interview which serves to highlight everything that is wrong with left-wing journalists. They are only interested in pushing their points of view which serve to focus on their flawed ideology. Their aim is not to be objective but to ensure that those listening hear largely their narrative only. They do this by being confrontational and constantly interrupting, thereby ensuring the interviewees have little chance to get their points across.

Gower illustrated this perfectly by asking a question to which Lauren gave an intelligent reply. By Gower’s own admission the reply was beyond his powers of comprehension so he accused her of not answering the question. He then asked another question which Stefan proceeded to give a very detailed answer to which either Gower didn’t like or didn’t understand, so he shut him down part way through and accused him of a rant.

The whole interview was nothing more than a display of inept journalism and amateurish behaviour. It became obvious his sole purpose in conducting the interview was to ensure that they were portrayed as white supremacists. If Gower had done proper research and did an interview asking intelligent questions that allowed them to explain their reasoning, we would all have learnt something. Firstly, we would have learnt that they were not white supremacists. Secondly, we would have learnt that there was no reason to prevent them from speaking, something Goff, Ardern, GG, Davidson and others needed to learn.

In today’s world those on the left of politics and in the media have one purpose – to shut down and control anything that is not aligned with their thinking. This is exactly what is behind Jacinda’s forlorn trip to Paris. The few like minded snowflakes who are attending are using recent horrific events as an excuse to exercise control over speech THEY don’t like. If they don’t like it then it’s hate speech.

If Gower and his fellow travellers like Jacinda are to be believed, then most of us on the right are now far right or white supremacists.

This is arrant nonsense of the highest order but Gower and his ilk don’t care. They are in a position to peddle their unmitigated rubbish which largely emanates from that dangerous organisation we know as the UN.

This is the level to which journalism has sunk not just here, but globally. It is what Trump is constantly having to deal with. Fake news vitriol spewing from the mouths of deranged leftie politicians and journalists. These people need to take a good hard look at themselves and realise that those like Southern, Molyneux and Trump will give them little respect and will continue to treat them like the incompetent, ignorant fools they are.

Gower says he’s ready for a rematch. Well, unless he learns what is required of an investigative journalist and changes his interviewing techniques, which he won’t, the result will be the same. A total embarrassment.

As an anecdote, when working in the media during the 1981 Springbok tour, those of us involved were told if a policeman ended up in hospital injured we were not to worry, but if a protester was injured due to the acts of the police, we were to go directly to the hospital and get the story. Typical.