Is Facebook a publisher or a platform?

Facebook is going to have to decide if it is a publisher or a platform. Currently it is acting like a publisher but is being treated by politicians as a platform. It cannot be both, and if it is a publisher then it has responsibility for EVERYTHING that is published by others on its platform.

If it is a platform for others to publish on then it does NOT have full responsibility for what others publish on its platform as it merely provides a service. If it is a service provider then there should be equal access to its services for everyone who acts within the law regardless of whether or not the service provider agrees with their personal opinions or not.

Only a publisher should be allowed to dictate what content is or isn’t published, as content is their business.

Facebook, however, wants to have their cake and eat it too. They want to allow the left-wing viewpoints that they support to be published but to censor and silence conservative and right-wing viewpoints without bearing any responsibility at all for the anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian and other hateful anti type content that they do allow through.

If they are a platform then they should allow equal access to everyone regardless of political or religious viewpoints as long as they act within the law, but that is NOT what they are doing.

Imagine if our banking system allowed left-wingers to have bank accounts and denied them to conservatives and right-wingers while still doing business with drug cartels, terrorists and other assorted criminals. That is similar to what Facebook is doing right now. They pick and choose without any consistency who they allow to use their platform. They happily remove people who haven’t broken any of their rules, so no conservative or right-wing customer is safe. Staying within Facebook’s rules will not protect them from being censored and silenced.

Terror groups openly use Facebook’s platform, while a man like Paul Joseph Watson, who has broken no laws whatsoever, is de-personed, and his followers threatened with expulsion as well if they dare to share his videos or other content – unless they publicly denounce him while doing so!

Imagine if you went to the bank and they asked you if you read Whaleoil and told you that you could only keep your mortgage with them if you stopped reading Whaleoil and wrote a note denouncing our website for them to post on a large noticeboard on the wall of the bank.

This is similar to what Facebook is doing. This is Big Brother level SCARY stuff. They are doing that to individuals who harm no one, like Paul Joseph Watson, but allow terror groups to openly use their platform.

If Facebook cannot be made to act as a platform with equal access for all then it should be held accountable as a publisher for the evil people that it allows to remain and use its services. If they were held accountable that would be the end of Facebook.