It’s time to tell granny state and her minions to back off

Image credit: Alamy

Jacinda Ardern’s job description can be condensed into the role of overseeing all governmental responsibilities, so why is she gallivanting off to Paris, instead of working on the many unfulfilled government promises?

Ardern is meeting with her socialist pal Emmanuel Macron and then Mark Zuckerberg. Ardern will ask Zuckerberg to police hate speech on Facebook – without actually defining what hate speech is. She says “we will know it when we see it” so we must rely on Zuckerberg’s business head to prevail against an illogical Ardern, fuelled by the emotion of Christchurch.

With very little protest, granny government is removing our freedoms to gain control of much of the minutiae in our lives. The more freedom they take from us, the more control they have. It really is that simple.

After Christchurch, granny rolled out hasty gun law changes and promised hate speech law. Neither are needed because they will not prevent another terrorist attack and the processes soaked up valuable government time and money. Our resources should have been better spent.

The costs will be funded by cuts in government spending. Goodbye to much-needed funding on roading, hospitals and schools, and of course salaries for teachers, nurses, and junior doctors. St John ambulance is losing staff overseas because they can’t pay them enough.

This government should be held to account and told to back off. The best Simon Bridges could come up with in 18 months, was one emotional rant in the house this week. On the one hand I applaud that Bridges actually has a pair hiding somewhere, but on the other hand he let himself down with a cringe-worthy delivery, the resulting turmoil in the house resembling a kindergarten.

Opposition should be doing their jobs and coming up with well-considered, controlled attacks on wasteful spending and shoddy legislation. Judith Collins holds them to account on KiwiBuild and David Seymour on hate speech. After that it’s slim pickings.

Granny government relies heavily on media support to get the masses on board to accept the intrusions and also to promote them! When they do that they become minions of the state, promoting socialism.

Social wellbeing is granny’s message. It has been drummed into our heads and we are promised a budget to reflect it.

On point and looking out for women’s welfare, several righteous women publicly attacked Farmers (the department store) because they had promoted scales in their Mother’s Day brochure. Quote.

Farmers’ customer Ashleigh Fedorenko said the latest Mother’s Day advertising was disappointing as it was another step back in the fight for body positivity.

“This goes and reinforces the message on weight and beauty in particular with the scales that having specific weights in it of 63.5kg and 68.7kg that these are the desired, normal and acceptable body types.”

Liz Direen said Farmers made it “bloody hard” for women to support the iconic Kiwi company considering it continued to make missteps in its advertising campaigns.” End of quote.


Get over yourselves ladies! This is not a misstep. Farmers is only interested in body positivity insofar as it affects what products they choose to sell. Farmers is in the business of stocking, advertising and selling the products that people will buy. Decisions on what gets stocked and promoted are financially based – so why shouldn’t they advertise their scales on Mother’s Day? It is grossly offensive that Farmers was targeted by trolls with a social agenda.

Come on New Zealand, we can do much, much better than this. We have to fight back against granny state, its minions and the media. We should speak out when they tell us what we can and can’t say because if we don’t start speaking soon, we may soon not be able to.