Jacinda has got this totally wrong

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Our news coverage at the moment is wall-to-wall Jacinda in Paris, in her ‘Christchurch Call’ bid to control the internet and stop live streaming of offensive material.

These are great photo opportunities of course for Jacinda, who laps it all up, but she is seriously on the wrong track in her current crusade.

Nobody wants another massacre like the one in Christchurch, but in concentrating entirely on the fact that internet video live streaming should be stopped, she is losing focus on the real issue.

The real issue is that we need to stop massacres like Christchurch from happening again, whether they are live streamed or not.

It was not social media that murdered 51 people in Christchurch. Allegedly, it was Brenton Tarrant. Does Jacinda really think that if a murderer cannot live stream his horrible crimes, then he won’t actually do it?

That is totally naive, stupid thinking.

Jacinda wrote an article for the New York Times, which probably gives the girl from Morrinsville a real thrill, but all she has done is demonstrate her stupidity and naivety. The article is entitled: ‘How to Stop the Next Christchurch Massacre’… and the article focuses entirely on restricting social media.

As far as I am concerned, this shows her up for the lightweight that she really is. quote.

But the terrorist’s other weapon was live-streaming the attack on social media to spread his hateful vision and inspire fear. He wanted his chilling beliefs and actions to attract attention, and he chose social media as his tool.

Social media needs reform. No one should be able to broadcast mass murder.

The scale of this horrific video’s reach was staggering. Many people report seeing it autoplay on their social media feeds and not realizing what it was — after all, how could something so heinous be so available? I use and manage my social media just like anyone else. I know the reach of this video was vast, because I too inadvertently saw it.

New York Times. end quote.

It is highly unlikely that it was seen inadvertently. Many people went looking for the video but couldn’t find it, because it was being taken down fairly quickly by most media outlets.

Whatever the murderer’s motives were for live streaming the event, shutting down parts of the internet will not stop another massacre. If Brenton Tarrant’s main objective in his heinous act was recognition, there are plenty of other ways he could achieve that. Jacinda’s pathetic little conference, which will achieve nothing, will not stop people like Tarrant. It will not stop Islamic terrorists either.

Jacinda, in her quest for global recognition, seems to have completely lost sight of the fact that we want such massacres stopped for good, and that won’t happen by banning Facebook. That just restricts the freedom of innocent people.

Jacinda’s ministers apparently have a pet name for her; they call her ‘Mother of Dragons’. Those of us who watch Game of Thrones know that the real mother of dragons wants nothing more than to be adored by her people… and that things go badly pear shaped if it doesn’t work out that way.

Perhaps those Labour ministers knew what they were doing when they gave her that nickname… but no matter what, Jacinda is doing absolutely nothing to stop the next massacre from happening. Her actions might even make it more likely. That is how naive and dangerous she really is.