JLR Interviews his psychiatrist Dr Hugh Clarkson: Podcast

JLR Unfiltered

How often do mental health patients let their own psychiatrist tell the world about their personal struggles? In Episode 2 of JLR Unfiltered, that’s exactly what Jami-Lee does as he discusses mental health with his psychiatrist, Dr Hugh Clarkson.

They talk about Jami-Lee’s experience of dealing with mental health problems as well as Dr Clarkson’s diagnosis and treatment. They also explore why men aged 25-45 have one of the highest rates of suicide in New Zealand. Jami-Lee and Hugh find by talking about how to help friends and family members who are struggling, and how to encourage people who need assistance to reach out.

The content of this podcast may be distressing to some people. If you, or someone you know, needs assistance please call or text 1737 any time. The 1737 service is free of charge and available 27/7 in New Zealand with trained counsellors available to assist.