Labor is pandering to the Grey Peril at our cost

China’s communist leaders loaded the country with a demographic time-bomb. Australia’s socialist numpties are threatening to do the same.

Immigration is one of the topics voters most want to talk about, but which the elite are determined to put beyond discussion. Mostly because it is a gigantic Ponzi scheme for lazy Western governments and businesses.

So even as voters grow more fractious, the political-cultural elite dig in their heels. Instead of cutting immigration – as opinion polls show a clear majority of Australians want – they resolutely increase it. The further left on the political spectrum a party is, the more fervently addicted to mass immigration they are. Mostly because migrants traditionally lean to the left-wing parties who are keenest on handing out the free stuff. Immigration is a gigantic vote-buying exercise for the left.

Naturally, Labor are pulling out all immigration stops in this election. quote.

More than 200,000 parents of overseas-born Australians may arrive under Labor’s generous temporary visa, putting pressure on future governments to allow them to stay for good, demographer Bob Birrell has warned.

In his analysis of Labor’s policy, Dr Birrell says migrants with a strong sense of duty to parents in China, India and the Middle East would be likely to take up the visa in large numbers in the first term of a Shorten government, although lack of detail in the policy announced last month made it hard to predict. end quote.

Strong sense of duty? Or a well-trained nose for the generous welfare benefits of Western nations? People aren’t stupid: if clueless politicians are going to serve up such perverse incentives, naturally people will take advantage of them. quote.

Almost 100,000 foreign parents, mostly Chinese, are waiting in a queue for a permanent parents’ visa.

They are likely to jump at Labor’s open-ended temporary visa, to be joined by the fast-growing Indian and Middle Eastern communities, leading to “at least 200,000 parent applications” in the first three years of a Shorten government, Dr Birrell says.

Melbourne University population expert Peter McDonald estimated that 1.5-2 million offshore parents could be interested in Labor’s visa and predicted an early rush to take advantage of its generosity before a likely tightening of the rules by a future government. end quote.

Not that Labor are deterred in the least. Labor politicians have a history of making expedient, grandiose promises, and to hell with the consequences. When Bob Hawke jumped on his virtue-signalling stump in the wake of the Tianenmen Square massacre, promising that all Chinese students in Australia could stay permanently, he set the stage for the ongoing scam of international students using study visas as a backdoor immigration scheme. quote.

Dr Birrell, an immigration critic, said Labor’s new policy would put in jeopardy years of difficult policy reform favouring young, skilled migrants and cutting back family reunion programs in the 1970s and 80s that brought in migran­ts with weak English who struggled to integrate and proved a burden on the taxpayer.

“Labor’s ‘temporary’ parent visa is an unprecedented offer — no other Western country provide­s any similar parent visa.

theaustralian end quote.

Countries like China are facing a demographic time bomb that dwarfs the West’s ticking Baby Boomer clock, largely as a result of the communists’ One-Child policy. China’s future, unless they take radical action, is geriatric and male. It looks like feckless leftists in Australia have gifted China a solution to the first: simply offload their burdensome oldies on the gullible West.