Legacy media vultures make victims of us all

When a former and soon-to-be-again Kiwi nobody tweeted a “call-out” of a goofy Burger King ad, the outrage-mongers and clickbait-farmers of the legacy media pounced like a pack of hyenas. Burger King, corporate cowards that they are, kowtowed to the mob and pulled the ad. The left cheered, the right grumbled. Depending on your political affiliation, the original tweeter was either a social justice hero or a whining snowflake. David Cole at Takimag takes a slightly different view, and sees victims of conscienceless legacy media vultures on all sides. Quote:

The complaining Kiwi was a complete nobody…a young, small-time local concert pianist and music instructor. She was a total unknown with a tiny handful of Twitter followers. By all rights, her tweet should have gone unnoticed. But we live in the age of the Social Justice Outrage Machine. Media hacks troll Twitter for stories that can be promoted as yet another “noble POCs ‘clap back’ against racist whites” viral post. These shameful con artists magnified this unknown pianist’s tweet to global proportions, and turned the story into the internet’s anti-racism catch o’ the day. “Burger King condemned on Twitter for racist commercial!” “Burger King slammed by Asians!”

This one nonentity’s tweet was covered by Huffpost, WaPo, The Guardian, Fox, MSN, CNN, BBC, Time, Reuters, AP, etc. And within a few days, Burger King apologized and removed the ad.

But please keep in mind that she’s not the villain of this story. The bad guys are the pseudo-journalists and their bosses. End of quote.

Few of those journalists seem to have bothered studying her Twitter history very closely. If they did, they didn’t care. Quote:

Her tweets from the week before the MSM made her a star reveal someone with deeper problems than an obsession with race:

So I am going off my antidepressant and trying medication instead, not Ritalin, smth else.

Lol I expected this but I forgot how sleepy the first week on meds is for me.

This person with a delicate mental state was turned into a meme by conscienceless opportunistic frauds hungry for social media hits…just as she was changing medications. And those sociopaths knew this from her feed. End of quote.

This is of particularly personal interest to Cole because, as he explains, he long ago dated an Asian-American who succumbed to paranoid schizophrenia with a uniquely racial twist: she became obsessed that blacks were her persecutors. Eventually she was reduced to gibbering racial epithets on the streets. If social media had existed then, she would have been hapless meat for the “outrage” mob. Quote:

Soon enough, the international attention, the interview requests, the cheers and jeers, started taking a toll…And then things got predictably worse:

So I think the weight of everything that’s gone on in the past few days has just hit me and I’m lying in bed tearing up. It’s probably fine but I just don’t feel safe.

I never asked for any of this.

I’m just a fucking nobody who just sent out a tweet not knowing the shitstorm it was going to cause…I need the international media to STOP REPORTING already.

Proud of yourselves, media hacks? You got your story, you got your views and shares, and you got your “victory” when Burger King pulled the commercial. Sure, you jeopardized the mental health of the POC you were supposedly championing, but hey—nothing in the world matters more than you and your precious social media stats.

This is the moral bankruptcy of today’s “anti-racist” media. Whether turning videos of disturbed white women into viral sensations in the name of furthering the “racist white lady” narrative, or exploiting a tweet from an Asian woman struggling with mental health issues, these despicable monsters don’t care whose lives they ruin in the name of the almighty retweets…

The Burger King “racist” commercial saga is not about burgers and chopsticks. It’s about a callous media that thrives on posting new racism outrage stories every hour. One of these days this cynical cycle of exploitation is going to drive a mentally unstable person to commit suicide. And the worst part is, nothing will change as a result. End of quote.