‘Lynching in reverse’: Anti-white racism is the new black

Racism hasn’t changed: it’s just got a new face.

Meet the new racists, just like the old racists. Once again, open racists in the United States are babbling about killing uppity folk of different races and claiming that people are mentally and morally deficient simply because of their skin colour. It’s the KKK all over again – except that this time the racists itching for a good ol’ lynchin’ time are black, and the objects of their demented racial hatred are white.

But, like the old-timey racists of the Jim Crow era, the modern racists have no qualms about gibbering their hatred in public. And like the racists of Nazi Germany, they’re determined to capture the universities. Quote:

A University of Georgia teaching assistant who has made comments like “fighting white people is a skill” and “some white people may have to die” testified Friday in front of a student panel. End of quote.

But, just to show how morally bankrupt US academia is, now, the university is apparently unable to censure this black racist because of his blatant racism. Instead, like nabbing Al Capone for tax evasion, they’re trying to quietly remove him on unrelated technicalities. Quote:

While Irami Osei-Frimpong has found himself the subject of a number of Campus Reform stories as a result of the aforementioned comment and others, his hearing concerned another matter entirely. Osei-Frimpong stands accused of violating UGA’s code of conduct by deliberately excluding a 2011 trespassing arrest when applying to the school, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In addition to falsely responding in the negative to an application question asking him if he had been charged or convicted of something aside from a minor traffic violation, Osei-Frimpong was also accused of neglecting to cite his previous University of Chicago studies.

The TA could be expelled for these alleged infractions. End of quote.

The university at least has the moral fibre to state that “Racism has no place on our campus”. But that they have to resort to such legal subterfuge instead of straight-up kicking a racist to the curb shows just how much and how fast the United States is succumbing to open anti-white racism. Quote:

In addition to saying “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom,” Osei-Frimpong made a remark on Facebook claiming “we have to dismantle the institutions that make crappy white people. Their churches, their schools, their families” after the 2018 midterm election, a remark for which the social media giant suspended him.

The TA had also compared Southern whites to “autistic kids” and “sociopaths” and suggested that white individuals who post photos to social media in which they are carrying guns are “terrorists.” End of quote.


This is hardly different to the gibberish spouted by anti-black racists during the early 20th century. Quote:

Alumni and donors who give money to the University of Georgia are threatening to no longer financially support the university if it does not take action…“Violence is never the answer for any issue,” [alumnus TJ] Gerety said. “If the University permits this person to continue teaching they are bringing back lynching in reverse.”

The alum told Campus Reform that the only way that UGA would get back his donation is if they condemn the TA and dismiss him.

“If this was a conservative teacher stating that the killing of Blacks is what White Students need to be taught, there would be rioting in the streets,” Gerety said. End of quote.


But, just as it’s apparently okay to defend slavery if you’re a Muslim academic, blatant racism from blacks passes with barely a whimper of protest in the post-Obama United States.