Martyn wakes up in the twilight zone

Over on The Daily Blog, poor old Martyn is feeling a little threatened as he sees through the ‘hate speech’ agenda and wonders about the impact on free speech. He is concerned that he has already been categorised as a heteronormative patriarchal cis-male war criminal. Quote.

So the panel advising the PM on censuring [sic] the internet is an industry spokesperson, a corporate media interest, an angry Twitter rage tech person, a lawyer, a state wonk and someone who used to sing Popera?

And this isn’t a joke?

The feral defense of a panel advising the Prime Minister on censorship of the internet is funny & its Twitter abuse ironic but the issue isn’t who is on the panel, the issue is that there are no civil rights & free speech academics or activists on it!

Tribalism aside you can’t seriously think that’s ok???

This is for advice on one of the most important issues of our time, regulation of social media behemoths who have crowded the public town square with every variation of skinhead, white supremacist, anti-vaxx, and Infowar alt-right hate trolls. End quote.

Martyn, don’t forget the holocaust deniers, Islamic extremists, anti-TERFs, SPLC and other assorted left-leaning haters. Quote.

That’s a huge balancing act when it comes to free speech and the solution to that problem can’t be micro aggression policing millennial snowflakes alongside Generation Y victim enablers, toting emotional support peacocks with gender binary woke vegan activists as gatekeepers.

Surely not?

Instead of arguing for our values and being inspirational about defending free speech while enabling agency for those deprived power and platform, the debate from the Woke Left is all about deplatforming whatever is defined as hate speech and in the age of subjective rage, most of the people on the PMs advisory panel have all vocalised pretty ambitious desires to ban a lot of speech as hate speech.

I’m guessing by even suggesting there should be some civil rights activists and free speech academics on this panel I’m already being a heteronormative patriarchal cis-male war criminal?

That’s how dementedly tribal this debate is getting. […]

[…] With all the insight of a year one media studies student, the [Public Address] blog calls on deplatforming media who engage in controversial opinions while at the very same time as calling on everyone to get Herald subscriptions to support ‘real journalism’.

Note it’s not the market dynamics of an unregulated media industry gaining monopoly positions, oh no, it’s right wing arseholes with opinions that we desperately need to censor.

Look, I don’t like most of the right wing pundits either, but if your ‘hate speech’ threshold is Mike Hosking, then you are the threat to democracy, not Mike bloody Hosking. […] End quote.


It seems that Martyn Bradbury is getting a little disillusioned with the antics of the lefties on the team he champions and rightly so. Anyone who cares about the issue of free speech cannot help but see the immense dangers lurking behind Ardern’s and Clark’s schemes.

Time to #walkaway Martyn?