Martyn’s knickers are in a knot

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By John

While making a rare visit to the Daily Bog (sorry Blog), to explore recent articles that had fallen out of Martyn Bradbury’s arse-about-face thinking, I came across one demanding that a newspaper put Hosking, Soper and Hawkesby behind their paywall. Bomber, as he is less than affectionately known, must have been having a particularly bad day to suggest that Mr. Soper be consigned to the paywall!

Martyn has got his knickers in a knot due to Mike Hosking expressing some home truths about those on welfare. Mike was obviously not talking about those in genuine need, but the types we now call the ‘nephs on the couch.’ This of course either went right over Martyn’s head or just didn’t suit his narrative. Martyn doesn’t wait for his article to vent his envy though, he uses it in his headline where he describes Mike as a multi-millionaire.

Here is one of the basic faults of many on the Left and why they will never succeed in life. Instead of admiring people like Mike who have made a success of their lives and aspiring to do likewise, their DNA tells them to despise and treat these people with disdain. There are plenty of examples in this world of people who have started with nothing and become very successful. These people haven’t sat on the couch and waited for increased welfare handouts.

Martyn must have looked in the mirror to find the words he uses to describe Mike. He uses the term bitter arsehole and asks why he would begrudge fellow citizens in poverty the measly pittance we pay out in welfare. Measly pittance? Referring to Mike he asks: “Where does this jerk get off?” Back to the mirror Martyn! This country has one of the best welfare systems in the world and that is part of the problem, as Mike rightly points out. Martyn says 53 % of those on welfare are disabled. In what way? How many ways are there?

Martyn makes the claim that the reason we have welfare is the result of throwing our citizens onto the dump pile of capitalism. They then give up on democracy and turn to fascism or communism. That’s the answer is it Martyn? Perhaps all of us multi-millionaires should dip into our rich prick pockets and charter a plane and send all these poverty-stricken people to the haven of Venezuela? The upside of that, Martyn, would be these people would suddenly realise how generous the welfare here is.

He sympathises with working-class folk who have had their wages crippled by non-unionised work environments and who look at the welfare cheques with envy. Do you have the faintest idea why Martyn? I’ll tell you. Because that’s how good the welfare is. You’ve just destroyed your entire argument!

According to Martyn, if Mike wants to avoid a bloody revolution, he should be calling for a benefit rise from the safety of his gated community rather than beating up on welfare recipients. Envy again Martyn.

Martyn’s colourful language and envy continues to his conclusion, where he states that “shitting” on the weakest among us when you are sitting on a gold plated toilet, should be considered repulsive, not celebrated.

Martyn illustrates perfectly the political thinking of many of those on the Left of politics. I call them Bomber’s Brigade. They are devoid of aspiration and those who have it and have worked hard and have become successful as a result, are the ones who owe them a living. These are the people Mike Hosking was referring to and the whole point of his article.