Morrison government signals more wins to come

Australian PM Scott Morrison

Australia dodged a bullet last Saturday when it rejected the hard-left, tax’n’spend’n’ban agenda of the Labor party. But the Morrison government seems to be signalling that not only has Australia avoided a radical “progressive” government but that the Coalition might be preparing to take on other actors pushing the left-wing agenda.

Allegedly “independent” lobby group GetUp is a deep-pocketed left-wing lobby group, allegedly linked to George Soros, who have expended astonishing resources targeting the Coalition. quote.

Peter Dutton has lashed GetUp for “deceptive”, “undemocratic” and “unrepresentative” conduct during its failed campaign to oust him from his Queensland seat, saying he would back “parliamentary processes” to bring the activist group to heel.

For Dutton, this is personal. quote.

The Home Affairs Minister said GetUp had spent well over $1 million in a deeply personal ­attempt to defeat him in Dickson.

He said he “absolutely” supported moves to force greater scrutiny and accountability on GetUp, which he called a “front” for Labor and the Greens […]

His comments signal a potential further attempt by senior Liberals Ben Morton and Eric Abetz to have the Australian Electoral Commission define GetUp as an “associated” political entity of Labor or the Greens. Such a step would undermine GetUp’s claim to be independent, damaging its appeal to supporters. end quote.

GetUp claim to be “independent”. It’s just coincidental, surely, that not only were they founded with seed money funnelled under murky circumstances from a union-led at the time by Bill Shorten, but Shorten was on its founding board. Also coincidentally, its campaigns have exclusively targeted Coalition politicians. In yet another astonishing coincidence, its National Director stood as a Greens candidate. quote

Mr Dutton said he believed GetUp had behaved “deceptively” by “taking money on false pretences” early in the campaign when donations were sought for billboards which never appeared in the electorate.

A similar fundraising effort was launched in the campaign’s final week for a mobile billboard to be parked outside his office. That, too, never appeared, he said […]

He said GetUp was a propaganda machine. “It is an abomination and I think it is undemocratic, unrepresentative, and it is clearly a front for the Greens and for the Labor Party ” […]

He said he would leave it to Mr Morton and Senator Abetz to pursue GetUp in the parliament’s joint select committee on electoral matters, saying he would support changes “absolutely”.

GetUp recently beat off attempts to have the AEC change its status to an associated entity. The AEC made such a preliminary finding, but retreated in its final report by saying there was insufficient evidence. end quote.


No evidence: just a whole lotta coincidences.

Another institution which has succumbed to the slow creep of the Long March is the ABC, Australia’s taxpayer-funded broadcaster. There are no conservative hosts on the ABC. Its flagship political discussion show only ever features a token conservative panellist who is outnumbered and shouted down by the lefties, and continually interrupted by the host. Its flagship radio show featured Greens politicians more times than the government and opposition combined. A survey found that ABC employees were four times more likely to vote Green than the rest of Australia. quote.

ABC staff have been warned to brace for cuts following Scott Morrison’s shock election win, with the national broadcaster needing to find $14.6 million in savings in the next financial year. end quote.

As usual “cuts” really just means “not increasing funding as much as Labor would have”. Still, it’s a start. quote.

The ABC will not receive $83.7m in budget increases over the next three years after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg last month confirmed a freeze on increases linked to inflation […]

Managing Director David Anderson’s] comments on ABC radio, after he was confirmed in the role, that a Labor victory was ­“obviously a much better scenario for us” were seen as a partisan intervention in the election ­campaign.

theaustralian end quote.

The ABC has become a billion-dollar, taxpayer-funded, left-wing behemoth. If it can’t abide by its statutory obligation of impartiality and represent all Australians, not just its Greens-voting chums in inner-Sydney, the government is right to slash its funding.