Mud, domain names & dildos

FOTOPRESS A history of conflict at Waitangi – then National leader Don Brash is targeted by protesters in 2004.

If you don’t have anything sensible to say to a politician you can throw mud at them.

When you aren’t prepared to debate the issues you can be an online Troll and buy the domain name of a Christian party and redirect it to a show about homosexuals and a petition to remove abortion from the Crimes act.quote.

When you think that calling someone racist, an Islamophobe or a white supremacist is a valid counter argument then you can always throw a dildo at them.


Treating our democracy like a joke is very much the preserve of the Left. Rather than using their words to debate right-wing or conservative viewpoints or policies, left-wing activists prefer to mock them by playing puerile pranks on them.

What annoys me though is how forgiving politicians on the conservative side of politics are of this nastiness. If conservative activists threw a dildo at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in protest at all the job losses in Taranaki caused by her ‘Captains Call’ there would be no forgiveness but instead wall to wall media coverage and accusations of a hate crime.

Jacinda Ardern & flying dildo. Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Look at the fuss the media have made about a comedian having a laugh at a new political party’s expense by buying the domain name for their party before they could. There is zero sympathy for the party and instead, there is story after story mocking the party with gleeful retellings of how the hilarious comedian made them look stupid.

Cameron called our New Zealand media the ‘Media party’ many years ago, and that sums up the bias and activism of our media perfectly. Instead of just reporting the news they seek to influence their readers. The way they have reported on the political prank of activist and comedian Tim Batt leaves us in no doubt that they are anti-Christian and anti-conservative.

Imagine how they would react if someone purchased a domain name that redirected people from the Green Party website to the Whale Meat Company. It would be mayhem. There would be no laughing it off as a “light-hearted protest”. Instead there would be a great triggering, people would claim to be highly offended and the police would be called in.

It’s always okay when the left do it.