Must try harder

All smiles after being sworn in in October 2017. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Audrey Young has written a puff piece praising the NZ First led Coalition government ministers. What was curious, was her rating evaluation criteria, based on three factors with a possible top score of ten: Quote.

  • How effective the minister has been in delivering the government’s policy
  • How effective the minister has been in representing the government to the public
  • How valued the minister is to the government. End quote.

Where is the rating for how effective they are for New Zealand, how good at delivering good outcomes for Kiwis, how valued they are by the wo/man in the street?

Twyford scored a 4 out of 10. The rose tinted spectacles are strong here.

One for turning up at most cabinet meetings, one for spelling his name correctly on the attendance register and … um … er …

I wonder which Twyford Audrey scored?

Twyford, the minister of housing, is desperate to have more houses built and is encouraging local authorities to do all they can to bring on new housing areas to allow for the much needed growth.

Even buying KiwiFail properties off the plan is not getting the job done. Many properties are being built by private enterprise without his intervention.

But, unfortunately the poor old minister of housing is at odds with the minister of transport in this area.

Twyford, the Minister of transport, refuses to allow money to be spent on roading infrastructure to get people to and from the housing areas that the minister of housing wants to bring on stream. People cannot conveniently commute to work from where they live, because the minister of transport wants them all to cycle or use a manifestly inadequate bus service, that will require multiple changes and hours more travel time.

Perhaps each minister scored two points and by adding them together, Audrey arrived at a total of four out of ten?

Too senior to be ditched or too incompetent to be kept?