Nice try, but no asylum for you


It’s rumoured that Bill Shorten was so confident of victory in the recent election that he had his house half-packed, all ready to move into the Lodge. You couldn’t blame him, really: almost every pundit, pollster and ‘expert’ was calling the election as a sure thing. Even Sportsbet paid out bets on Labor days before the election – hilariously losing millions.
It turns out that even certain overseas observers were betting on a Labor win, too.

A naval ship has delivered asylum-seekers to Christmas Island’s jetty for the first time in five years, after intercepting 20 Sri Lankans who set sail for Australia during the federal election campaign.

The group spent “a few days” in detention on Christmas Island while health and security checks were carried out. None was deemed to have a legitimate claim to asylum in Australia, according to government sources.


This gives the lie to Labor’s repeated claims that a Shorten victory would not result in a swift resumption of the people-smuggling trade to Australia.

It’s a fair bet the 20 Sri Lankans trying to reach Australia by boat were sold a pup by people-smugglers. We don’t know what they told authorities when they were found sailing into Australian waters, but there is no doubt as to the timing of their departure — week three of the election campaign.

The last group of asylum-­seekers intercepted in January told officials there would soon be a government in Australia more sympathetic to their plight.

The same thing was spruiked to men on Manus Island, who were convinced to resist the offer of US resettlement in the hope there would soon be a Labor government in charge. The medevac bill was pushed as proof of intent.

The medevac bill was the sleight-of-hand open borders measure rammed through parliament by flash-in-the-pan “independent” Kerryn Phelps. Phelps, who was an MP for a whopping eight months, pandered to the virtue-signalling of her ultra-wealthy electorate by effectively opening Australia’s borders to any country-shopping malingerer able to scare up a sickie note. Phelps and her rich watermelon pals hand-waved away warnings that she was giving a nudge-wink green light to people smugglers.
Yet again, green virtue-signallers have blood on their hands.

[Another boat was reported to have left India in March. It was never seen again and is assumed lost at sea. It is not a stretch of the imagination to assume the people on that boat, as with those on the latest venture, were sold a fantasy.

Their arrival and subsequent return proves two things: first, the re-election of the Morrison government denies people-smugglers a business model; and second, any softening of our policies would see a swift recommencement of the trade.

People-smugglers follow politics in Australia more intently than most Australians do.


But as always, the left are so smugly convinced of their own moral superiority that they simply refuse to see the evil results of their so-called ‘compassion’.