Nobody din’t know nuffin about no extremists

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Remember when police and politicians insisted that no refugees in Australia had been responsible for terrorism? It was a lie, of course. Almost all of the terror attacks planned or committed in Australia in the last decade or so were committed by people who had been resettled in Australia. Others involved the Australian-born children of refugees.

The other porky seems to be the oft-repeated claim that families and communities are determined to root out the extremists in their midst. Instead, radicalism seems to run in some families, while some religious centres seem to have an oddly coincidental track record in producing extremists and terrorists. quote.

The brother of the man who carried out the Bourke Street terrorist attack that killed Melbourne restaurateur Sisto Malaspina has pleaded guilty to planning a terror plot to shoot and kill people at ­Federation Square on New Year’s Eve. end quote.

Make no mistake: if Ali had evaded the police net, the consequences would have been catastrophic. quote.

Ali Khalif Shire Ali, 22, yesterday pleaded guilty during pre-trial legal argument to preparing or planning a terrorist act between March 31 and April 6, 2017.

He had planned to obtain automatic weapons and shoot as many New Year’s Eve revellers as ­possible.

Ali Ali had been arrested in Nov­ember 2017 and police had linked him to other radicalised Australians…Ali had been monitored by counter-terrorism investigators for at least two years before his ­arrest, including phone taps from October 2016.

theaustralian end quote.

The brothers were known to frequent the Hume Islamic Centre. quote.

According to the centre’s leader Sheik Mohammed Omran, it’s a safe place for Muslim youths to meet up and stay out of trouble.

But over the past four years, a number of radicalised extremists have been linked to the centre. Some were just attendees; others have been featured as guest speakers.

Some went on to plot terrorist attacks in Australia; another became a suicide bomber in Iraq…The Bourke St attacker was known to attend prayer sessions at the Hume Islamic Youth Centre end quote.

It beggars belief to claim that, somehow, nobody in their community knew that Ali was, let’s say, just a touch zealous. quote.

Ali had publicly claimed at a Muslim community forum in 2015 that ASIO had tried to recruit him as an informant but he had refused. “I said to them I don’t want to talk to you either way, it’s haram,’’ Ali told the forum.

“I know you guys want me to be an informant. It’s haram, it’s kuffar. Just get lost.’’

[…] The brothers’ father is a retired cab driver who fled Somalia with his wife and came to Australia ­before Ali Ali was born.

When Ali Ali was arrested, his father proclaimed his son’s innocence. “If you knew that man (his son), you don’t believe it,” he said.

During the pre-trial hearings, Ali was supported by his family. end quote.

But there were no warning signs for anyone to report, I’m sure… quote.

After the Bourke Street attack, it emerged that Hassan Ali was on the terror watchlist and had ­expressed support online for ­Islamic State, describing himself as a wannabe Islamic State terrorist.

His passport had been ­cancelled in 2015 after authorities had discovered that he was planning to ­travel to Syria and fight. end quote.

Still, it’s not like there’s a pattern anywhere, right? quote.

Federation Square was also the target of a failed terror plot by Ibrahim Abbas, Abdullah Chaar­ani, Ahmed Mohamed and Hamza Abbas, who planned an ­attack on Christmas Day 2016…Last week, Abdullah Chaarani, Ahmed Mohamed and Hatim Moukhaiber were found guilty of committing a terrorist act by burning down a Shia mosque in Melbourne’s north. end quote.