Offence of the day: Racist signs

As knowing exactly what to be offended about on any given day is an incredibly fast moving target (sorry – for offence) at the moment, Whaleoil would like to assist. We cannot allow our readership to fall behind in their wokeness quotient.

The latest, out of San Francisco, (where else?) is racist warning signs. Quote.

Anti-theft signs at the Golden Gate Bridge’s parking lot drew criticism this month for showing a black stick figure in a prison uniform.

Autos parked at the bridge are frequent targets of burglary, prompting the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District to post signs warning visitors to not leave cash or valuables in their vehicles.

But the signs, which went up in February, were alleged by some bridge visitors to depict a “person of color” in “robber’s clothes,” said spokesperson Priya Clemens.

Responding to concerns that the stick figure may have been offensive, the district swapped out the signs for ones featuring an orange-colored stick figure instead. End quote.

“Orange coloured?” So now they are Trump bashing? “Orange man bad” Quote.

“The signs are meant to alert, not offend,” Clemens said. “We want to keep the focus on the main message of safety.”

The complaints emerged in early April and the district swapped the sign within ten days, Clemens said. End quote.

San Fran Examiner

Come on NZTA, pick up your game. We are absolutely fed up with all the racist signs on our roads.