Pauline Hanson has had a gutful

Australians got to see a rare side of Pauline Hanson in an extraordinary interview.

A very interesting post popped up on one of my social media feeds last night. “Tonight’s episode of A Current Affair may have changed some people’s minds about Pauline Hanson.” Of course, the family member concerned, a rusted-on Labor voter, hastened to add that while the interview made them admire her, they weren’t voting for her. The denial had a whiff of protesting too much, methought. Meanwhile, another friend chimed in that “You might not like her, but this interview showed her at her best: a very strong, determined woman”.

The episode in question was Tracy Grimshaw’s interview with Pauline Hanson, responding to the string of hit jobs which have rocked One Nation in the lead-up to the federal election. Qatari propaganda network Al-Jazeera ran an extraordinary, three-year sting, setting up a fake lobby group in Australia, finally releasing heavily edited footage last month, claiming to tie One Nation to the NRA and Port Arthur conspiracy theories. Now, new footage has “emerged” of a One Nation candidate making an ass of himself in an American strip club.

Pauline Hanson has had a gutful of not just the idiots riding her coat-tails, but the seemingly targeted campaign of hit-jobs on her party. Quote:

Pauline Hanson has broken down in tears during a television interview where she lashed out at current and former One Nation members for ‘letting her down dreadfully’ and leaving the party in chaos.

In an interview on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair, the Queensland senator was asked about Steve Dickson, who resigned this morning after footage surfaced of him groping a performer in a Washington DC strip club. End of quote.

The hidden camera footage is trashy, gross and embarrassing, but not exactly “shocking” in the context of a lads’ night at a strip club. Let’s not forget that Kevin Rudd behaved so appallingly at a New York strip club that he was given the bum’s rush. That didn’t stop Rudd, who touted himself as a Christian family man, it must be remembered, becoming prime minister just a couple of months after the embarrassing revelation came out.

There is a valid argument that the buck stops with Hanson, who perhaps ought to vet her candidates better. But, even the ruthless political machines of the major parties let their share of nongs and mavericks slip through. In just the last few days, candidates for both majors have been disendorsed or resigned. Don’t forget that big, bad Pauline started as a disendorsed major party candidate. Quote.

The One Nation leader choked up and began crying when asked about her responsibility over the actions of her party members.

“It was not done with my approval … I did not know they were going over there and I did not know they would say these things. I am devastated with a whole lot, what has occurred there. I am furious about this.

“I cop all this shi*t all the time, and I’m sick of it. Absolutely sick of it.” Senator Hanson said. She also said that while other politicians “sail through” controversies, people continue to ‘kick her in the guts’…Senator Hanson went onto list Fraser Anning, Brian Burston and One Nation co-founder David Oldfield as having let her down.

While crying, interviewer Tracy Grimshaw asked Senator Hanson: “Why are you still in it? Look at what it is doing to you”.

She replied: “I made a change out there for people”. End of quote.

But still journalists seem determined not to pursue the real story, here: that the propaganda wing of a foreign, authoritarian theocracy invested an astonishing three years and buckets of cash setting up a fake lobby group to infiltrate Australia’s democracy, on a blatantly unethical and possibly illegal fishing expedition. Quote:

Criticising the Al Jazeera undercover investigation that revealed both the strip club and gun lobby controversies, Senator Hanson said:

“This was a sting three years in the making to discredit One Nation and pull us down. This was done in September. It comes out now, on the cusp of an election. End of quote.


This would have been the time for A Current Affair to do some real investigative journalism. Unfortunately, they passed.