Podcast #6 David v Golriz, Alfred v Unholy abortion Holocaust & Milkshakes v politicians

By Dieuwe de Boer & Jesse Anderson
Right Minds

This is the sixth episode of the Right Minds Podcast, hosted by Dieuwe de Boer and Jesse Anderson, recorded on the evening of Tuesday 21st May, 2019.

  1. Jacinda takes on Facebook, and authoritarianism wins.
  2. David Seymour takes on Golriz Ghahraman (plus the rest of parliament) and wins.
  3. Alfred Ngaro is thinking of starting a Christian political party, but how does he fair when he comes to his first test? He immediately backed down from what could have been a signature policy: challenging the genocide against the unborn.
  4. We also cover the media encouraging political violence against politicians when it comes to throwing milkshakes and egging on those whose views are not in line with the establishment.
  5. Finally, is Brian Tamaki also starting a party and will he do better than Alfred Ngaro?

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