Police allow violent agitators to attack family-friendly rally

Tommy Robinson held a family-friendly campaign rally yesterday in Oldham that was allegedly attacked by violent Muslims. Over the past three weeks, he has been joined by hundreds of working-class Brits and their children every day so that they could hear him speak.

With safety in mind, the safest part of town was chosen for the rally; far away from the dangerous neighbourhoods in Oldham. Unfortunately, the danger was escorted to the rally by the police. quote.

[…]But today, the police encouraged and allowed us to be attacked.
They actually escorted a large group of violent Muslim agitators wearing balaclavas towards us. They travelled miles with them so that they could be near our rally.
What began with extremists throwing eggs quickly escalated into hurling bricks, shattered car windows, and the evacuation of crying and terrified children from the estate. 
I personally witnessed women and children injured by rocks and bricks at the hands of these Muslim thugs. One of my cameramen was bleeding from his head after being hit by a stone.
Again, the police didn’t stop any of it. By not acting, they allowed and encouraged these violent thugs to attack us.
This was the latest in an ongoing wave of attacks against my supporters and team. All designed to stop my political campaign.
As soon as possible, I will release a video that will show you exactly what happened.

d quote.

[…] All I wanted to do today was give a speech about representing working-class Brits and encouraging people to vote for me in the upcoming elections.
But the police actively worked to stop me and endanger my supporters.

[…] The mainstream media is already lying about what happened today. They are trying to portray us as the group that caused the violence.
It’s disgusting that Muslim thugs can be allowed by the police to ruin a political rally – but that’s exactly what happened.
We need to take our country back, and it starts by electing me on the 23rd of May and sending them a message they’ll never forget.
Yours truly,
Tommy Robinson
P.S. I had to have more than 10 paid professional security today to keep me safe. I’m happy I had them, but I’m sad that they were necessary. Political campaigns shouldn’t require so much security.
If you want to help me pay for security on my campaign, please click here to make a donation now.

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