Political cowards

By George

I want to make it clear that what I’m about to say does not relate in any way to the significance of the Christchurch massacre where fifty New Zealanders were murdered by a single madman in an act of terror. The fact they were Muslim doesn’t minimise or maximise the atrocity. But the response to this tragedy is my base for comment.

Our politicians are cowards, and there are none more cowardly than our prime minister and her ragbag assortment of individuals that make up the Coalition of Losers; a very close second is the Mainstream media.

Muslims in this country are treated with kid gloves. They receive customised treatment, and extravagant endorsement from these politicians and meanwhile the radical arm of Islam, by way of record, has put the world on notice. “Convert or else. Criticise us at your peril”. The reason why my comment could be interpreted (incorrectly) as “hate speech” is because the Coalition of Losers “Can’t handle the truth”.

Any religious sector or cult within a society, regardless of origin, has to conform to and accept the sanctioned rules and laws of the country in which they reside. There appear to be exceptions made in this country exclusively for Muslims. Gender inequality is a major point of difference.

Radio NZMuslim Women in New Zealand

The law in New Zealand clearly states equal status for all. Many Muslim women in New Zealand live in a restrained environment. Their standards of behaviour and their dress code are dictated by Muslim men. Women’s financial freedom is withheld by these same men. Why are all the liberated women in the Coalition of Losers not outraged? The answer is because because they are cowards.

Why do our freezing works have to employ exclusively Muslim men to slaughter Halal meat? In fact, due to a shortage of qualified Muslim men, the Meat industry Association had to make an application to Immigration New Zealand to employ 130 overseas based halal slaughtermen.

Sexual segregation for Muslim women and exclusion of non-Muslims inside a ratepayer-funded public swimming pool in Auckland New Zealand.

Why have our universities and airports provided, at considerable expense, prayer rooms exclusively for Muslims? Why do public facilities have recreation activities reserved exclusively for Muslims? Whose agenda are we dancing to? All these facilitators are cowards.

Outrage appears to be confined to Christians as exposed by the mutterings of Brian Tamaki and Israel Folau. I don’t give a damn what they say, any more than I care for the individualised welfare of our Muslim population. Islam will not threaten my way of life. I have no concern with what religious beliefs one chooses to embrace, but I find the feverish endorsement and the excessive compliance with all things Muslim, which appears to be what our prime minister wants, very disturbing. What is she afraid of? Offending Muslims or the United Nations. Both I fear.