Rats in your salad? Eat meat instead

Caption: Tests on rats prove that a spinach diet can be fatal.

Rat Salad is a kick-ass Black Sabbath song, but literal rat salad is a good advertisement for a strict Whale Meat Company meat diet. A newspaper reports: Quote:

A woman shopping for her young family has found a whole dead rodent in a bag of packaged salad baby spinach. The baby spinach came in two sizes, 250g and 500g.

“I was just about to put the 500g bag in my trolley when I saw the dead mouse or rat in the package,” she told Fairfax news. End of quote.

At least the store acted appropriately. Quote:

Mrs Sandhu asked for the store manager but was referred to a supervisor, who ordered staff to remove all remaining salad bags from the shelves.

After apologising, the supervisor offered Mrs Sandhu a 10 per cent discount.

But she said, “it’s not about the money it’s a health issue. End of quote.

So, the store removed all the possibly contaminated products, apologised and offered restitution all for an incident beyond their control. What more were they supposed to do? Quote:

Supafresh Salads proprietor Troy Cukrov apologised and gave an extensive explanation of what had happened.

He said his business has extensive rodent traps throughout its farms and factory?”We have every possible inspection and prevention within our process. Our crops are grown in open fields.

“We have rodent traps throughout our farms. We have insect agitators on our harvesters. We have rodent traps throughout our factory.

“We double wash all of our salads. We have inspection belts throughout the factory where the product is inspected during washing.

“We visually inspect during washing. We visually inspect every bag before we pack it. We do everything possible to deliver the cleanest, freshest product practical.

“This is the first time we have ever had a problem like this in a bag of our product in the millions and millions of bags we have supplied throughout Western Australia. End of quote.

The bare fact of the matter is something that urban activists isolated from the reality of life on the land don?t seem to comprehend: food is grown in nature, and nature has dirt, bugs and pests. Modern farming and food-processing has all manner of systems in place to maintain hygiene and ensure that city consumers never have to come into contact with the reality of nature, but no system is perfect. It?s a statistical certainty that occasionally something gross is going to slip through. Quote:

Unfortunately, we deal in nature and farming is a constant challenge.

“Insect pressure in Western Australia this summer has been the worst I can remember. The challenge to manage all pests has been harder than ever this summer but we are doing everything practical and trying our very best. End of quote.

A newspaper

When something does go wrong, the test is how those responsible respond. In this case, I can’t see that any of them have failed to respond appropriately.

There’s only one way to ensure that nasty critters don’t end up in your salad: stick to meat.

Whale Meat Company meat : guaranteed free of rats and spinach.