Robertson is pretty hacked off

Finance minister Grant Robertson. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Was it the Russians? Was it Rawshark? Was it Bridges? Was it simply stupidity? Will the most open and transparent government ever actually ever tell us the truth?

From the information published in A Newspaper, it seems that incompetence could be the leading contender.

Budget information displayed in image supplied to A Newspaper
Screen grabs of Budget links from Google. Image supplied to A Newspaper

Reflecting on this, it is utterly staggering at how technically brilliant the Whaleoil team is. For years Whaleoil have been scheduling website information to be published at a specific time on a specific day. That must be some incredible technology that Whaleoil can afford as the government cannot either afford that level of sophisticated technology or the technical nous on how to implement such complex technology.

For the non-technical readers: I jest! Every single website publication system available has the ability to write pages of information and set them to be publicly available on a certain day, and at a certain time, in the future.

It is obvious that EagleEyesNZ is not up at 5:30am every morning to publish the Daily Proverb post. Nor is Nige hovering over his keyboard at 6.00am to publish Today in History. No, these are scheduled in advance to be published automatically by the software that runs the site at the correct time.

If Whaleoil and every other website publication outlet can manage this hugely complex (NOT) task, why can’t our government?

The Coalition of Losers just became the (Russian) Collusion of (information) Losers.