Sports Illustrated goes Islamic

Yet again, we are being Islamified. The famous magazine, Sports Illustrated, has produced a photo shoot of a Muslim model in swimwear. Trouble is, she is wearing a burkini, a hijab, and a number of other clothing items all at the same time. quote.

From landing the cover of British Vogue to walking on New York Fashion Week runways, Halima has proved that there is a place for modest Muslim women in the fashion industry. 

At SI Swimsuit, we strive to continue to spread the message that whether you are wearing one-piece, a two-piece, or a burkini, you are the pilot of your own beauty.

end quote.

Except that this message is that all women should cover up, even though there is no requirement for western women to do so. This type of swimwear is rapidly becoming the acceptable way to dress for the beach. quote.

“We believe beauty knows no boundaries,” said SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day. “I admire Halima, and I consider her an inspirational human for what she has decided to use her platform for and her work with Unicef as an ambassador. She is, in my opinion, one of the great beauties of our time, not only outside but inside. When we met, I was instantaneously taken by her intelligence, enthusiasm and authenticity.” end quote.

Not to mention her belief in female subjugation… but hey. What is a burkini between friends? quote.

“We bonded immediately over the idea of her participating in this year’s issue” MJ continued. “We both believe the ideal of beauty is so vast and subjective. We both know that women are so often perceived to be one way or one thing based on how they look or what they wear. Whether you feel your most beautiful and confident in a burkini or a bikini, YOU ARE WORTHY.”

Sports illustrated. end quote.

No one said she wasn’t worthy. What we are questioning is the message that she is sending… that women in the 21st century should kowtow to symbols of female subjugation, such as the hijab the burqua and the burkini when supposedly, feminism is bigger than it has ever been in all time.

Women are going backwards, and they don’t seem to be aware of it. Standing supposedly proud for their rights when it comes to equal pay and equal opportunity, they all fall down immediately when it comes to do with anything vaguely Islamic. The prime minister dons a headscarf whenever there is a Muslim within 100 yards, even though Islamic women have criticised her for it. Women have equal rights in everything… but if there is a Muslim in the area, all those rights are abandoned, in an effort to appease the religion. This is very bad news for feminism.

The more things like the hijab and the burkini are pushed, the more women fall into the trap of subservience, and they don’t seem to recognise it.
The hijab and the burkini are symbols of female subjugation. No woman can wear the hijab and call herself a feminist. The prime minister has done this, but she is kidding herself. She just does not recognise the rabbit hole that she is going down.

Radical Islamists don’t play nice. Jacinda didn’t need to wear a headscarf, and Halima Aden does not need to promote the burkini. These women are accepting subjugation. Exactly why so called feminists don’t see that fact astounds me, but it is true nonetheless. We will all pay for their stupidity, sooner rather than later.