Stories count: Facts, not so much

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By Owen Jennings

Our media are running stories about rising sea levels in the Pacific.  Here is today’s offering.

It is about Vanuatuans, “scared” of global warming.  A ‘nice’ emotive story. People being forced to shift inland to get away from the encroaching sea.  No facts, no genuine science, no hard evidence backed by research.  Just flim flam. 

What are the facts? 

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology – an organisation usually happy twisting data to try and substantiate the global warming meme – has this graph on its website.  After 50 years of pedalling scary global warming and sea level rise the sea is exactly where it’s always been over the last 30 years. In fact, it is falling and has been for 10 years if my eyes do not deceive me.

But let’s not spoil a ‘nice’ story with facts.  After all we have to keep cranking out stories supporting the alarmist agenda or we will never get agreement on Carbon Emissions legislation or other economic sabotage that is going to drive our country back to into hardship and falling standards of living.

Incidentally, the official name of the bill is the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill.  Zero carbon?  Seriously?  The fifth most abundant substance on the planet.  Oh, that’s right, “carbon” sounds dirtier, harsher than what they should say – carbon dioxide.

Meanwhile back in Vanuatu we are told that the “worst is yet to come”.  Predictions, predictions, predictions! All the bad stuff is yet to happen.  It’s always about the future. 

Of course, everyone will forget the predictions in another decade or so just like they have forgotten Al Gore and his disappearing Arctic and no more polar bears.  If after 50 years there is no significant sea level rise Vanuatuans can carry on happily unfazed and unaffected for at least another 50 years and then 50 years beyond that.

The Gaian soothsayers do have a trick or two up their sleeve.  Some Pacific Islands are subsiding.  Nothing to do with so-called, global warming. The Vanuatu islands are sitting on the boundary of the Pacific tectonic plate, overlapping the Indo-Australian plate which is plunging underneath it, dragging its base along with the islands placed above.  French scientists from the Institute of Research and Development discovered several years ago a gradual lowering of the islands.  So, a back door for the warmists to trumpet as they wake up to no major, catastrophic problems arising from a small rise in temperatures.

Meanwhile our media pump out useless stories from young people indoctrinated by teachers, lefties and misguided socialist elitists.  They become voters and support the nonsense, willing to sacrifice growth and development, our hard won standard of living and the economic gains of decades.

The Zero Carbon bill is virtue signalling, ‘look at me’, hair-shirt grandstanding gone stark staring crazy.

There seems to be no way to stop the self inflicted injuries that will inevitably follow it – energy prices skyrocketing, exports collapsing, unemployment, negative growth, economic chaos.  What a bleak future for our kids.