Strings Attached

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Every year, western donor nations, organizations and private foundations pour into the continent of Africa, billions of dollars earmarked for the support and promotion of “sexual and reproductive health and rights”. But no one ever follows the trail of their funding to know where and how it ends up.

Strings Attached is a feature-length documentary that presents the African side of the story of enthusiastic western donors and the African recipient of their “gifts”, particularly, the African women who are the primary targets of the donors’ dollars.

At the center of this story is a well-funded western reproductive health organization that has devastated the lives of many African women and girls whose voices are too small to be heard. This documentary amplifies these African voices that have never been heard before with the hope that the world will finally listen to them, hear their experiences, share in their sorrows and take action to end this form of neocolonialism that is destroying lives in Africa under the guise of “sexual and reproductive health and rights”.