Succulent secrets from behind the scenes

Today’s post explores the second of a series of behind the scenes secrets that go into making Whale Meat Company meat the restaurant quality meat that you enjoy.

Behind the scenes secret number two:

Beef is beef, so what? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Meat, in general, is a low margin, high-value product, that has a certain shelf life. Let?s use Rump Steak as an example. Supermarkets buy in Rump, and price matters, fresh from the works. The Rump is sliced and packed on trays for sale. Sale as soon as possible. You eat the Rump and the meat is not up to expectation.

Whale Meat steak cuts are the best quality New Zealand beef we can get.

The whole rump is carefully aged in the Whale Meat chiller for at least 21 days and this improves flavour and tenderness.

Your order comes in, and the rump is sliced for your order, then vacuum packed. This is very important because you get chilled vacuum pack rump and this can be further aged in your fridge at home, or eaten immediately, whatever you desire!

Another telling factor with rump is the rump must be correctly cut otherwise its much tougher. The butchers cutting for Whale Meat have the experience to know what they are doing.

Eat Whale Meat steaks and avoid steaks that are boot leather!

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