Succulent secrets from behind the scenes: One

Today’s post explores the first of a series of behind the scenes secrets that go into making Whale Meat the restaurant quality meat that you enjoy.

Behind the scenes secret number one:

Whale Meat Company customer photo of our ham

Hams are topic du jour and here are some insights into Ham making. Many retailers buy in hams from the big mass manufacturers. To give you an idea of scale, one New Zealand manufacturer does 4,000 pork legs a week for 8 weeks!

Whale Meat Company hams are produced on a much more personal scale. We look at each leg throughout the process of making ham and smoking it.

All our Whale Meat Company hams are smoked. We use our special mix of Kanuka and Manuka wood chips in our smoke oven. You won’t find liquid or artificial smoke in Whale Meat hams. This results in the taste that has the fans raving.

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