Teaching Grandma how to suck eggs

I am sure you are all familiar with the old saying, teaching your Grandma to suck eggs. It refers to a person giving advice to another person about a subject that the other person is already familiar with (and probably more so than the first person).

In New Zealand, Generation Zero and the young climate strikers are teaming up to tell their elders how to suck eggs. The little so and so’s have the temerity to lecture their grandparents on how to save the planet as they prance around adorned with various technology and gadgets created with precious metals and containing toxic batteries while being ferried hither and yon inside Mum’s Remuera tractor.

Elbow your elders? Charming.

Watch the video. It is patronising towards old people and even blames them for destroying the planet. This is the kind of propaganda being pushed down your grandchildren’s throats. If a right-wing organisation were doing it, it would be called hate speech by the Left.

We have seen the left demonise white men with their ‘pale male and stale’ slur and dismiss their opinions because of their so-called white privilege. Now old people are under the gun. Instead of young people being taught to respect their elders for their life experiences and wisdom they are being encouraged to “educate them” since they “destroyed the world”.

This is organised brainwashing and it is highly political. I don’t for one minute believe that children are behind it all. Adults are pulling their strings behind the scenes in order to give Jacinda Ardern the excuse to do what she already intends to do.