The danger of a cynical & dictatorial government

It appears since the March 15 Christchurch terror attack this country is fast becoming a nation where our basic liberties are being put at risk. The proponent of this influence is, of course, the government. We appear to be veering down a road where there should be danger signs aplenty.

This government is showing all the signs of behaving in a typical Left wing doctrinaire manner. They will tell us what we can and cannot do. They will control what we can and cannot say. They will redefine freedom of speech and will determine what is hate speech. On the global front, they will ensure that what is put on social media is strictly controlled.

The implementation of such censorship risks leading to an abuse of human rights and potentially a dictatorship.

The danger in all of this is legislating around offensive actions and offensive speech. What is offensive to some is not offensive to others.

For example, Ardern perambulating about wearing a hijab was offensive to some including Muslim women who are forced to wear it. Some even said so publicly. Ardern, ever looking for the photo op, didn’t think about that. In fact, her dressing up was wrong on a number of counts.

Then there was the Muslim prayer in parliament that was highly offensive to the majority in this country. This government needs to engage its brain before acting. This need appears to arise on pretty much a daily basis.

However, when Andrew Little gets hold of a One Treaty, One Nation pamphlet, no doubt designed to encourage healthy discussion on these issues, he labels it racist. That means that something which is fundamental to New Zealand’s principles cannot be debated. If we are unable to talk about issues such as these then we are heading for a dictatorship. Nobody should be in any doubt.

Let’s be clear. Jacinda Ardern, Andrew Little and the Left are using a horrific attack to further their own contemptible aims. That’s how cynical we know they are. Whatever legislation is brought forward will reflect their end game. This is how they will surmount the difficulty of objectively determining what in fact are offensive actions, what is racist and what is hate speech.

The legislation will be drafted to accommodate their precept and therefore will be subjective. Involving the Human Rights Commission will ensure this to be the case. But here’s the thing. Nothing the government might legislate for will eliminate the potential for a further attack of the type we saw in Christchurch. The plain fact is that the guns are not the problem, it’s the people using them.

The real danger here is the government cynically using an appalling circumstance to implement a number of draconian laws which only serve to take away the democratic rights and freedoms of the majority in deference to their favoured few.

This cannot and must not be allowed to happen.