The mainstream media won’t cover this story so Whaleoil will

The Herald isn’t a premium services arsehole – 3 days into hostilities and they don’t even have one single article covering the latest situation from Gaza (that I can see)

Whaleoil reader

The mainstream media are not interested in what is a huge news story and one that has big repercussions. For the past three days, Israel has been under sustained attack from Gaza, unlike anything it has experienced before. Signs are pointing to the Israeli government being left with no other alternative but to invade Gaza to stop it.

Sadly when Israelis are being killed, their houses destroyed and their lives under constant threat from terrorists the Mainstream media do not care. They only lift their head up to write an article when one of the countless rockets fired from Gaza lands in Gaza and kills their own children. Then the media rocks up to show the bloody corpse of the Palestinian child and claim that it was a rocket from Israel that caused the child’s death.

The best way for Whaleoil to bring you up to speed with what has been going on is to put together the below collection from social media as without it you would have no idea that anything of note was happening thanks to the disinterest of the mainstream media.

I have also included links to some Israeli news reports: