The most popular meat boxes are…

The Whale Meat Company has put its delicious restaurant quality Whale meat boxes to the test and after tallying up all the orders medals have now been awarded.

The Gold medal goes to…

the Whale Meat Ultimate Premium.

Get a big slice of popularity with your order. This is our Gold medal popularity box. Behind the scenes, it was a photo finish between the Gold and Silver, and the judge?s ruling was final.

The silver medal goes to…

the very popular Whale Meat Steak and Bacon?option. This Silver Medallist is a firm favourite with our customers.

The third place of the ruling triumvirate of popularity goes to our Bronze Medallist ? The Taster.

It’s the Whale Meat Triumvirate!

Choose one of these three boxes now to enjoy aged, grass-fed beef.

Take the risk out of ordering from the Whale Meat Company by buying your first box from our medal winning triumvirate!

Once you taste our aged beef and our specially smoked bacon, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed as our products are restaurant quality products.

Popularity Triumvirate:

Gold Medal: Ultimate Premium

Silver Medal: Steak and Bacon

Bronze Medal: The Taster

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