The political landscape… according to a leftie

Okay… I’ll admit it. Sometimes I agree with Martyn Bradbury. I am not impervious to the views of those on the left of the political divide, and I have lots of friends who are lefties. While we see a lot of evidence to the contrary, there are lots of reasonable left leaning people too.

In addition to that, I used to be amused at how people on the left simply couldn’t understand how anyone could possibly vote for John Key and they thought that everyone would simply come to their senses… eventually. I am of the same belief system at the moment, hoping rather than believing that, in 2020, people will see the terrible damage this government is doing to the country. Bradbury’s latest article, however, has me in despair. Not only does he think Labour is doing brilliantly but he thinks National voters will come over to the dark side too.

Hint Martyn: you’re dreamin’. quote.

Despite the total hollowness of Labour’s policy platform to date, Jacinda has an emotional intelligence few NZ leaders have ever had. Her dynamic leadership during Christchurch and her genuine warmth means she will lead Labour to a historic win. Middle NZ have welcomed her into their homes and they will reward her with their vote. end quote.

The Daily Blog

I have not welcomed her into my home, Martyn and, while I wish her no ill will personally, I think she is a poor communicator and an extreme lightweight. She wore a hijab and hugged people after the Christchurch massacre and for that she was said to be the second best leader in the world. But when you realise that the 6th best leader is supposedly a 16-year-old with autism who claims that she can see carbon dioxide, I guess the qualifications are a little suspect. quote.

Poor old Simon Bridges is on the ropes and unfortunately for him. Judith Collins is too smart to take the Leadership from him before the 2020 election. end quote.

Rumour says otherwise, Martyn, but we have to wait until the expected coup actually takes place. Maybe Judith believes she can win in 2020?

How about this though? quote.

Rump National voters hate Jacinda so much they hate her baby, and for those voters, Simon isn’t nasty enough so they are likely to just not bother voting in 2020.

end quote.


Many of us on this blog would qualify as ‘rump National voters’. I am sure I would. Just for the record, I most definitely do not hate Jacinda’s baby. Why would anyone hate a baby? I don’t actually hate Jacinda, but I dislike this government and I worry about the damage they are doing to the country.

What kind of people does Martyn think National voters really are?

We haven’t finished though. quote.

The more moderate parts of the Party will have walked to Labour out of respect for Jacinda’s leadership and because the whole National promoting a far right UN conspiracy that was scrawled all over a white supremacists guns while he committed a terrorist atrocity was a final straw snapping moment. The Blue Dragons inside National will gain more power and influence as white National voters opt out for Labour, TOP and the blue greens.

The Daily Blog. end quote.

Do we mean ‘white’ in the sense of ‘white supremacist’ here? Those of us who expressed concern over the possible effects of the UN Migration Compact do not in any way associate with Brenton Tarrant. His actions were totally abhorrent. Is it not possible to agree with one aspect of someone’s philosophy, but to totally reject other aspects of it? Does it have to be all or nothing?

Let me tell you something, Martyn. ‘White National voters’ will not opt out of National for Labour, or TOP, or the Blue Greens, unless the latter parties can gain some traction. Even then, the defection will not be large.

National needs to get rid of a lot of dead wood, but so does Labour. Over 80% of voters in this country are died-in-the-wool loyalists. Elections are won by a small number of swinging voters, but to expect a major defection to a government that is failing on every front is wishful thinking. Even with the media pushing the engagement story at every possible moment is not going to change the fact that the government is doing a poor job, mainly because it is made up of incompetent and inexperienced people. This goes right to the top.

At least I understand the logic of the left a little better now. They think that those on the right will be pulled over to the light side because of Jacinda donning a hijab and hugging people. In other words, they think people on the right will be enlightened to vote Labour because they have seen the light, as, of course, they should.

I have news for you, Martyn. Whether I am a ‘rump National’ voter, or a more ‘moderate’ National voter, I will not be voting for Labour in 2020. No self respecting National voter would dream of it.

Jacinda’s ‘leadership’ is not going to sway me… mainly because she is no kind of leader at all. She hugs people and dons a symbol of female subjugation. Since when has that ever been leadership?