The race-war the left are just itching to start

Leftist bible Salon is a non-stop barrage of anti-white racism.

As the behemoth left-wing media oligarchy “progressively” (pun intended) suffocates any and all opinions it unilaterally deems unacceptable for public consumption, a tiny but deadly clique of extremists are turning to appalling violence to make themselves heard.

The primary purpose of terrorism, after all, is to garner attention and thereby subvert normal political processes. This is as true of Islamic terrorists – ISIS’ grand Guignol mayhem was deliberate, a bloody public spectacle designed to both titillate potential recruits and pull headlines – as it is for their white nationalist brethren. Anders Breivik explicitly staged his massacre as a ghastly publicity stunt, creating a template that is becoming dismayingly commonplace. Quote:

[T]oday, the white dudes who commit these types of shootings leave behind lengthy, detailed manifestos…This is the age of the “intellectual” (and please note the scare quotes) racist killer. End of quote.

This is bad enough. What’s worse is that the white race-obsessives who stain the right fringe of politics are just the mirror of what is fast becoming mainstream on the left. Quote:

They’re as good as anything on any leftist race-baiting site. Roof? [Name Redacted]? Earnest? Breivik? In terms of writing ability, in terms of effective polemics, their work is no worse than what you find leftists spewing on BuzzFeed, HuffPost, Salon, ThinkProgress, Vox, etc.

“White guys are killing us,” “Let’s deport all white males,” “White men must be stopped,” “White men are the face of terror,” “The plague of angry white men,” “White people are cowards,” “When white women cry: How white women’s tears oppress women of color.” These actual essays are just as racist and just as inflammatory as anything the murderer Breivik wrote. But guess what? You can post ’em freely on Facebook and Twitter!

Leftist antiwhite sites that are allowed to exist by our benevolent internet overlords—sites that are allowed to have advertisers, sites you can post on social media—employ writers who are no more skilled than these murderers, and just as hateful…

I’m not saying the recent spate of racist shootings can be entirely pinned on the silencing of the far right, but I do believe it’s a factor…The increase in verbose, “literate” white racist mass killers is not unrelated to the banning of far-right thought from popular internet platforms (and, in some cases, from the internet itself). Do you think it’s gone unnoticed by extremists that the only way these manifestos get seen by a wide audience is when they’re accompanied by murder? End of quote.

The same motive can be seen in the Islamists’ continual upping of the ante of mayhem and heinous violence. The only difference is in the left’s response. When some swivel-eyed Mahommedan shreds a stadium full of little girls, the left admonish us not to take any notice. Just put up a few more bollards, light a candle, and it will all go away.

Above all, never, ever, under any circumstances criticise Islam. After all, “that’s just what the terrorists want”. But this has never been an argument founded on either reason or high principle. The left gibber about “not doing what the (Islamic) terrorists want” only because it’s not what they want.

But when the left actually wants the same thing – ever-more stringent censorship and open race-war – as the racist white shooters they’re more than happy to do what the terrorists explicitly say they want.


Notice how that’s never the talking point in the wake of a racist mass shooting. You know why? The left genuinely did not want to go to war against Muslim nations. The left genuinely did not want conflict with the Muslim world. But the left really does want the same race war that Roof, [Name Redated], Bowers, and Earnest seek to foment. So leftists ignore their own post-9/11 advice, and play right into the killers’ hands. End of quote.

It won’t work, of course. No more than Charles Manson’s looney-tunes “Helter Skelter” race-war plans. Most people aren’t really racist at all and certainly, don’t want a race-war. That doesn’t mean a lot of innocent people aren’t going to get hurt. Quote:

But still, the clown parade will march on. Leftist race extremists will continue to be allowed major platforms to spew antiwhite hatred with a clear desire to provoke, while rightist extremists, denied platforms to do the same, will continue to find “creative” ways to be heard. There’ll be no race war, but lots of small-scale bloodshed. And the twisted, unspoken “partnership” between far-right killers and the media and government leftists who do their bidding will continue. End of quote.