The ringmaster & the juggler with no balls

Photoshopped image Credit: Luke Whaleoil

Two excellent posts on Monday from SB and Christie regarding Jacinda Ardern illustrated perfectly why the country finds itself in such a lamentable state. We have a person who finds herself in a job solely at the behest of an elderly gentleman. I use the word gentleman with a touch of irony.

There are two parts to her position. One is to show the electorate that she has the ability to lead a government that is competent to run the affairs of the country. The other is purely public relations. The former, which is the more important of the two, she is found to be terribly wanting. The latter, the easy bit, she excels at. If her position required a job interview it is doubtful she would have lasted five minutes. In the real world, a pretty face and a Colgate smile won’t cut it.

How she got the job is due first and foremost due to the curious way the election result is implemented whereby the minor party is given all the cards. MMP here is based on the German system. My understanding is that in Germany the party with the most votes gets the first opportunity to form a government. Germany has even had Grand Coalitions where the two major parties formed a government.

This is how we should operate as it goes some way to prevent the tail from wagging the dog. Incidentally, the tail wagging the dog is a very apt expression for this Coalition of Losers. Under our system, the elderly gentleman was handed all the power having managed to garner just seven per cent of the vote. How is this fair? As Jacinda Ardern is all about fairness perhaps she might like to form working group number 300 to have a look at this?

To rub salt into the wound the elderly gentleman then set about invoking a farce whereby he played National off against Labour knowing all along who he was going to coalesce with. In other words, he was talking to National who he’s had a grudge against, (it seems like since Noah built the Ark), simply to screw as much as he could out of Labour and thereby screwing us in the process. How is this fair? Working group number 301, please!

At the completion of his charade he installed his Queen knowing full well, unlike the Duke of Edinburgh, he’ll be several steps in front, not one behind i.e. the ringmaster running the circus. This is what we are now witnessing.

The circus rolls on. Jacinda finds herself in the role of a juggler but she is totally useless due to the fact that she has no balls. To be fair to her she does have a problem as unlike most circuses this one is comprised completely of clowns. The others in the circus such as stunt artists have all been assigned to various working groups. The CGT debacle comes to mind.

With the elderly ringmaster running the show Jacinda has time to spare. Hence we find her in her other role as a PR puppet being strung along by her orchestrators at Labour HQ and no doubt elsewhere. This is, of course, her strong point. Therefore we see her giving hugs in a hijab and showing kindness at kindergartens while we, her supposed salivating subjects, are supposed to behave like the mindless media getting all excited over her engagement and wetting ourselves at the prospect of a cynically timed wedding.

Is this really the way to run the country? The whole shambles is an embarrassment and a disgrace. All because, in this case, an elderly gentleman was able to inflict utu on one party and knew he could take de facto control of the other.

There has to be a better way.