The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

It seems that the champions of the left have found a new use for newspapers, other than wrapping fish and chips. The media barons of New Zealand have, for your benefit – naturally, clubbed together to suppress contrary information from the trial of Brendon Tarrant.

Since the immediate response to the horrendous event in March was “white supremacist”, the guardians of our media have joined in an undertaking or agreement which contains a provision that is likely to have the effect of suppressing competition in the media marketplace of New Zealand.

This was explored in the post by yours truly on Thursday. The readers were not best pleased with what the media gang were proposing.

jaundiced clearly had a jaundiced view of the media announcement: Quote.

The irony – signed by the ‘Media Freedom Committee’
As the ‘eyes and ears’ of the public, they get to decide what our eyes and ears need to be protected from. Perish the thought – we may be tempted to make up our own minds.
Unbelievable. End quote.

Glasshe was likewise enjoying the irony: Quote.

You’ve got to be joking! The Media FREEDOM Committee! End quote.

And Maria made a point about the Orwellian double-speak being employed: Quote.

In the French Revolution, they had the Committee of Public Safety, the establishment of which was the state terror of the guillotine.

So reassuring. End quote.

Being the sort of people who tend to think (radical concept these days, I know) about issues, many Oilers joined in the discussion with “but what about …” comments. Here’s a selection: Quote.

You get the feeling that he chose to murder a certain demographic because he knew it would have the greatest impact.

There are so many things that don’t add up about this guy. Apparently not on any radar despite traveling to northern Pakistan, North Korea and Turkey. Paul Buccanon had him marked as the shooter and a white supremacist within an hour and then his manifesto was banned very quickly and replaced with a very strong narrative.

I saw the pic of his hand signal in the media the next day, but now I wonder if this is all part of his “act”


This then poses an interesting question – Is the suppression of what the MSM will call hate speech actually hate speech in itself as it has already decided to label the accused.
The MSM, at the behest of the government no doubt, has already labelled Brendon Tarrant as a “white supremacist”.
I can see his lawyer calling for a mistrial on those grounds alone.

Sailor Sam

I presume that the media also agreed to censor out any “inconvenient truths” that might arise during the trial? Such things as the Al Noor Mosque having been a training ground for jihadists; a muslim man firing back at the attacker as he drove away; or the possibility of more attackers being involved, or anything else that Jacinda orders to be censored?


This whole business reeks of manipulation. He was immediately portrayed as a “white supremacist” to reinforce the prevailing narrative, that the world is in danger from the “far-right”. Just enough was released to show he was a “white supremacist” (e.g. the hand signal during his first court appearance, the writing on the guns, all conveniently caught on camera), and now, courtesy of Comrade Ardern, we have to be protected from any show of “white supremacy” out of fear it might encourage others.

All of a sudden, Tarrant has run out of funds and needs legal aid. Where did the funding come from to pay for his travels and living expenses? I believe he was in the employ of the left, to demonise white conservatives, and they are now using this incident to further their agenda. The fact that Comrade Ardern is wasting no time in this regard is enough to convince me that the “Christchurch shooting” was part of a conspiracy to justify the implementation of a totalitarian global authority, under which we will be forced to live. End quote.


Lewis asked a question: Quote.

Is Tarrant being labelled a white supremicist, merely because he has comitted crimes, and hapens to be white? End quote.

and xbolt supplied an answer: Quote.

Yes he is. It fits with the politicisation of what is coming in the aftermath. eg, Gun Control, Free Speech/Hate Speech. The Communists/Socialist col were not going to let this one slip away but the push back is building rapidly and the Ardern’s, Little’s and Co are confined within their self righteous bubbles and can’t see it. End quote.

In the midst of the general despondency about the way our lovely country is heading, Osiris lightened the mood by taking the mickey! Quote.

I understand they are even planning to suppress the weather forecasts on the trial days. And calendars which show the trial dates will be classified as ‘hate speech’ and subject to the full force of the law. End quote.