The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

The week was still waking up when today’s roastee stepped into the roasting dish. Poor old Paddy, he really cooked his own goose when he decided to interview Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

Icarus of old flew too close to the bright light of the sun and has forever gone down in history for his spectacular aviation disaster. Likewise Paddy flew too close to superior intellects and went down in flames. Completely burned, or owned – in the new parlance, by the much brighter lights and earning his own place in Internet and meme stardom.

With the self-awareness of a dead-duck, he now wants a ‘re-match’ and has resorted to the preserve of chickens and cowards by falling back on name-calling rather than debate the issues. He has, by implication, called Lauren and Stefan ‘white supremacists’ and he is right. They are white and boy, were they supreme when they met Paddy in the interview.

Somehow, I don’t think that supremacy is what poor Paddy meant.

Well, didn’t the Oilers have fun around the table chewing the fat over this?

Labtested got into the eating theme early on: Quote

The fact that he had to try and link the Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern interview to this (non) story shows that he is still feeling the burn from the complete and utter spanking he got given.

Becoming an international joke can’t be easy. It is obviously still eating him alive from inside. End quote.

Cadwallader wondered why the Canadians would even bother with him again but Bartman wanted tickets: Quote.

I would pay to see Paddy smashed again by these two. He is a complete narcissist with not one shred of credibility for anyone with an IQ above 80. Shameful specimen of the Churnalist sub group. End quote.

libertysparks saw Gower’s utterances for what they were: Quote.

Molyneux and Southern left Gower looking flummoxed. It was a woeful performance on his part. He is using white supremacy as the hiding place for his own ego. This is his own inherent weakness showing up – he hasn’t got the backbone to get back up of the floor again. Better to call them names like bully and white supremacist. End quote.

Nige, in contrast, was firmly in Paddy’s camp. /NOT: Quote.

The man is deluded. How he managed to spin decade of nothing into admitting he was “too dumb to notice” and STILL thinks he can sound credible….

I think this may be one of the stupidest men in employment of a media corporate in NZ. End quote.

Slightly flawed laid down a challenge for Gower but wasn’t holding out for an answer: Quote.

Gower has lost it I reckon, the Canadians broke him, and now he’s spent, and just hunting clicks with this sensationalism. When he’s done this, will he then be doing a similar ‘expose’ into radical black extremism in NZ? I’m sure he’ll find a few hundred of those as well, as he will radical supporters of islam and radical supporters of Hamas and Israel. But we all know he wont.

Who else thinks this is just a cynical ploy so he can line himself up for a shot at politics? Labour politics as well I reckon. End quote.

A call picked up by Davo42: Quote.

Hey Paddy how about you “do your job” and take an in depth look into the evils of Islam in New Zealand. You could start with the shocking abuse of Women’s rights and then work your way through to the Imams anti Jewish hate speech and for a grand finale finish with the fact that Imams are radicalizing homegrown terrorists in order to attack NZ targets.
How about some balance Paddy? Oh I forgot you and the rest of your Media cowards are too afraid after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I look forward to round 2 with Stefan Molynuex – you don’t stand a chance. End quote.

The conversation went on well into the afternoon and evening as we sat around sipping and savouring our PG Tips, and although there was far too many delicious tid-bits to recount here, we’ll leave the last word to KGB. (Women always have the last word.) Quote.

I’m pretty sure Gower’s ego will drive him to read this post and each and every reply to it. So…good morning Paddy.
You got beaten up by a very clever skinny little white girl, and a very clever middle-aged white man. It didn’t happen behind the gym, it happened in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands. (great entertainment TV)
You were “unprepared” because you were as arrogant and ignorant as you are today. I doubt they would ever bother with a ‘rematch’ with a so-called ‘journalist’ determined to prove they are “white supremacists” in attempt to rescue his own reputation.
Lick your wounds and take it all on that very weak chin because a second round will end in a spectacular knock out. End quote.