The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Golly gosh, wasn’t it a fun week? Good gracious, it is amazing how some can get so worked up. Gee whiz, a damsel in ‘distress’ that needed some toxic masculinity to ride in on a white charger and rescue her. Gracious sakes, whatever next? Golly me, golly gee, what a kerfuffle!

It reminds me of the time, 12 December 2017, when the Hon Todd McLay said in parliament, “I am pleased to speak on this bill, but, golly gee, I didn’t think I would be here in the first 100 days of a new Government talking about this.” Obviously, the fact that the next speaker to the debate from the Green party was Golriz Ghahraman, had absolutely nothing to do with Todd’s expression of amazement. Goodness gracious, anyone making that link would be drawing a long bow.

But drawing a long bow is exactly what Nick Stone and Sam McDonald did as they somehow managed to convert a slang expression of surprise that was used in polite society to avoid “taking God’s name in vain” into a racist’s slur. Good grief, or in the modern parlance, OMG!

It all kicked off when SB posted this, for goodness sakes:

It seems that the connection between the expression of surprise ‘golly gee’ and a soft cuddly toy which linked back to English chimney sweeps, a golliwog, was news to the Whaleoil readership.

Shadows was surprised: Quote.

Never occurred to me before reading this post that that nickname could be misconstrued as being a reference to golliwog. I never even thought of it! End quote.

Isherman asked a valid question: Quote.

Why are the left so intent on destroying the meaning and implication of the term “racist”?, because by spreading the term so liberally and freely over anything that they (pretend) to find offensive, that’s what they are doing, they have rendered the term virtually meaningless. End quote.

ex_JAFA pointed out the stupidity of the ‘jump to racism’ approach: Quote.

Mr McDonald signed his complaint as “Sam” – a clear reference to ‘Sambo’ – a racist reference.

This is particularly offensive as Mr McDonald is Scots by descent and has proven himself a snowflake on at least this occasion. End quote.

Second time around pointed out a truism: Quote.

Political nicknames only stick if there is some truth in them: Golly G does reflect the continual surprise at what nonsense she utters. End quote.

But, at least Nick Stone was prepared to enter into a robust debate about the whole schmozzle. Unfortunately, in doing so he dug a bigger hole when he accused Whaleoil contributors of racism when using the term ‘golly gee.’ Quote.

You can tell me I’m wrong (I doubt anyone would own up to it) but I do believe that many (most? some?) WO contributors do attach a racist undertone to the term, and have that fairly and squarely in mind when they use it on her. You won’t convince me I’m wrong, […]

[…] Everything else raised above…I’m always open to the (implausible though it may sound) rare possibility I may be wrong. End quote.

You read the comments and responses, Nick and golly gee, you are dead wrong this time. Good gracious, if this was the first time you have been proved wrong, I trust it was not too traumatic for you.

Golly me, if it was, can I suggest a nice knitted cuddly toy man with a big smile, wide eyes and a bow-tie …?