The Whaleoil dictionary: Part four

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Soy boy Derives from the negative effects soy consumption has been proven to have on the male physique and libido. The average soy boy is a feminist, non-athletic and likely reduces all his arguments to labelling the opposition as Nazis.

Soyman A nickname for Simon Bridges referring to the way he speaks, as well as his non-aggressive approach to holding the government to account.

Student politician A nickname for Jacinda Ardern.

Stuff and nonsense Official nickname for NZ media organisation Stuff

The Bloggers Union A tongue-in-cheek response to an issue in the news to do with unions. Whaleoil announced its creation with great fanfare and was taken seriously. It retrospectively made all bloggers members as it believes in compulsory unionism.

Photoshopped image credit : Lushington Brady.

The fairy princess A nickname for PM Jacinda Ardern.

The Ferald A combination of the words feral and Herald to make a derogatory nickname for the New Zealand Herald newspaper.

The Media party A Whaleoil meme to describe how the media act like a political party in opposition to the National government due to the woefully poor performance of the Labour party. It is a way of saying that, essentially, due to the gap left by an underperforming opposition, the MSM have stepped in to counter and criticise the government. They have made it their job so they have become a political party.

The minister for redactionsA nickname for Labour MP Clare Curran in her role as spokesperson for open government.

The Moroney effect Referring to the effect on voting that Sue Moroney had whenever she switched electorates of increasing the majority of her new opponent. Broadly in politics referring to the ability of a politician to have the reverse effect to their opponents, eg making their opponents look better just by being there.

The silent assassin A nickname for John Key.

The vast right-wing conspiracy A creation of left-wing conspiracy theorists. The term is used regularly by Whaleoil which has made the description its own, much like homosexuals adopted the word gay. Also abbreviated to VRWC.

The Vile One A pejorative term for the failed US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who still hasn’t worked out what happened.

Toxic the quality or state of being true, eg He was a toxic blogger and not afraid to point out that the emperor had no clothes on. Synonyms: veracity, truthfulness, verity, sincerity, candour, honesty and genuineness.

Trained and skilled A condescending, almost satirical, term used to describe workers at The Herald, initially, but has been used to describe other journalists. It comes from when John Drinnan tried to put Cam in his place by stating that Cam wasn’t trained and skilled.

Trougher Any person who takes public money. This list includes public servants but is used in a derogatory sense when describing unwise or excessive spending of public money. Coined to invoke the idea that there is a trough full of free taxpayer money with the troughers surrounding it like greedy pigs competing to slobber up as much of it as they can. Some troughers are rewarded with a digitally altered photo where their nose is replaced by a pig’s snout.

Two-fathersA nickname for someone with a hyphenated name.

Village of the damned A nickname for Christchurch.

Virtue signaller Someone who says or does something for effect rather than having a genuine belief, motivation or concern.

WatermelonsA political party who are green on the outside but red at heart.

Weasel words Words that say little or don’t mean what they say, eg It is just more corporate weasel words with no promises for anything other than more weasel words and meetings.

Witless protection programmeA scheme whereby useless Labour ministers are shielded from answering questions lest they make complete fools of themselves

WO The abbreviation for Whaleoil or Whale Oil Beef Hooked, which is the full name of the blog.

WOBH An acronym for Whale Oil Beef Hooked (origin: Gaelic, especially old Irish). Say it slowly with an Irish accent.

Wrongly Wrongson A nickname for Martyn Bradbury, lead blogger at The Daily Blog and active political activist at the far left. He was so wrong about the 2014 election that none of his predictions came true, earning him the nickname.

Photoshopped image credit: Luke