They blow up so fast at these El-Ementary schools

That’s quite the school cheer they’ve got.

Most kids spend their early learning year singing stuff like “the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round” and dressing up as superheros or princesses. But there are some kids who dress up as “martyrs”, carrying cardboard AK47s and singing “the heads on the kuffars go roll, roll, roll”.

Their parents are so proud of their little Jihadi Juniors that they happily post their head-choppy pantomimes on social media. Because, hey, it’s not like any Arabic speakers are going to rat them out… Quote:

A video showing children speaking in Arabic about sacrifice and chopping off heads was not vetted before being posted on the Facebook page for the Muslim American Society’s Philadelphia chapter, and it does not represent the organization’s values, the executive director of the national group said Sunday.

Executive Director Ayman Hammous said the Muslim American Society learned of the content of the video after the Middle East Media Research Institute posted a translation Friday. The society issued a statement calling the video “disturbing” and condemning the words used in it. End of quote.

It’s all very well to put on the high dudgeon once you’ve been caught, but the fact remains that the adults in charge clearly thought it was a good idea to teach the tykes the wonders of decapitating infidels. Quote:

In the two-minute video from an April event, two young girls are shown reading. One says, “We will sacrifice our souls without hesitation, we will chop off their heads” and liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem…The video also shows children gesticulating to a song known as the “revolutionaries’ anthem,” often played by Islamist groups. The song says “those who do not accept oppression should assert themselves” and “the path to Al-Aqsa calls us.”

Hammous emphasized that the Muslim American Society has no organizational link to international groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist movement whose supporters sometimes advocate for violence. End of quote.

“No organizational links” sounds suspiciously like weasel-words to me. But, hey: maybe I’m just a cynic. But, speaking of groups who definitely do have organizational links to the Muslim Brotherhood… Quote:

The Philadelphia chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Anti-Defamation League also condemned the words used in the video. Iftekhar Hussain, chairman of the council chapter, said Islamic tradition “categorically rejects either speech or actions that harm in any way our Jewish brothers and sisters.” End of quote.

Unless, of course, it’s their pals at Hamas. After all, CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case that found Holy Land Foundation responsible for siphoning over $12 million to Hamas. Strange, too, that CAIR urged its followers to fight the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2019”. Quote:

Hammous said he was also reviewing the organization’s social media policies, which the posting of the video violated, and bolstering training in Philadelphia. Future events at the Philadelphia chapter will have strict oversight by the Muslim American Society, even when they are organized by another entity, he added. End of quote.


Gotta keep a lid on that narrative. And Facebook has “standards”, you know. What’s the point of purging Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones – who never, to my knowledge, advocated chopping anyone’s heads off – if Muslim groups are going to be so gauche as to say what they really think?