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Today In History is a place for you early risers to excercise your brains as you wait for the day to begin. Please by all means bring your own bits of history to the comments section and add your memories of what YOU did on this day however many years ago.

The beauty of an early morning historical post is that the date can mean the event happened today “our time” or today “other side of the world” time.

From the life and death of Plato through to the latest most recent history as it happens, we intend on bringing you stimulating and educational historical knowledge.

28th May

The London Observer publishes a letter from lawyer Peter Benenson titled “The Forgotten Prisoners ” launching the “Appeal for Amnesty 1961”. This would ultimately lead to the establishment of Amnesty International. 1961

The Palestine Liberation Organization is formed. 1964.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia falls to rebels, ending 17 years of Marxist rule. 1991.

Mathias Rust flies his small plane from Helsinki across 400 miles of Soviet airspace and lands in Red Square. 1987.

Dennis Gunn is convicted of the murder of Ponsonby Postmaster Augustus Braithwaite. In what would have been a world first the case was based almost entirely on fingerprint evidence. 1920.