Tova O’Brien savages David Seymour

And so it begins… a right-wing politician calls a left-wing politician a ‘menace’ and the world goes into meltdown. That the left-wing politician in question sent the above tweet about the same right-wing politician is okay though… it is always okay if the left does it.

For the record, I want to make it clear that if Golriz Ghahraman really has received death threats, then that is truly dreadful, No one should ever have to put up with that.

I assume that no one is claiming that David Seymour had anything to do with the death threats though, although you might be forgiven for thinking that. Out come all the screaming harpies to defend Golriz, even though Seymour has done no wrong.

Loudest of the screaming harpies is our little friend, Tova O’Brien. quote.

Golriz Ghahraman’s need for a security escort after David Seymour labelled her a “menace to freedom” shows MPs need to be more responsible with their language, says Newshub’s Political Editor. end quote.

Tova takes two unrelated incidents and connects them by fire. Golriz is not receiving parliamentary protection because David Seymour called her a ‘menace’, or indeed over anything else he did. He did not make the death threats. Someone else did. quote.

Seymour told Newshub on Tuesday that he stood by the comments, but Newshub’s Political Editor Tova O’Brien said Seymour and the public, in general, need to be conscious of their language.

“I just think that some of the language that has been used by David Seymour, in particular, and actually everyone just needs to be a bit more conscious of the language they are using in the wake of Christchurch and actually in the wake of our enlightenment in terms of what has been going on in New Zealand,” she told The AM Show.


end quote.

Tova has deliberately connected David Seymour with the Christchurch massacre and by default with Brenton Tarrant. What an absolute disgrace of a political editor she is.

Golriz, in the meantime, can say anything she likes.

Golriz of course has an ace up her sleeve. Being a person of colour, she can always claim the race card. While she has not overtly done this, the implication is still there: People target me online because I am non white and it is racist. It never seems to occur to her that it is her opinions and her baiting of people online that cause the reactions that she gets.

I’m still not saying death threats are okay though. Please understand that.

You also have to wonder if someone who is brave enough to defend Rwandan genocidal maniacs in court should be scared of a perfectly civilised Kiwi politician… who comes from the wrong side of the political divide, of course. Golriz has always put herself out there are someone who can conquer the world… but as it turns out, she is afraid of David Seymour.

No one is afraid of David Seymour.

Still, Golriz is succeeding on a number of fronts. She is gaining public sympathy which is almost certainly not deserved and everyone is calling David Seymour a bully. If the death threats were real, surely she would be under police protection, not a parliamentary security unit.

Above all, now no one is allowed to call anyone a ‘menace’. Golriz is succeeding in closing down free speech, which has been her aim all along.